December 31, 2015

That's a Wrap Final Post of 2015 *~* Lexy's Best Books & Authors *~*

Wow! I can't believe that I am once again making a Best Of List! It's too soon! This year has flown by so fast. I wonder if it has anything to do with all these great books that we all have been reading. Well, in any case, it must happen, time must start anew and I want to thank each and every set of eyes that have come to the blog to read about all the amazing authors we have showcased. I want to thank my girls, the AIR Ladies who work effortlessly and seamlessly to help run this blog! I want to thank every author and tour company for your trust in us so we can continue to help share the words we all love! This week's posts by Jamie, Jocelyn, and Annie have been great and I am excited to be able to post my list on this last countdown day! Now I will say again, that the order I have these books listed is in no way to represent the order in which I love them. It just is what it is. And what is it?? 
All Is Read One Book At A Time.
As always, Enjoy the words!

My Best Books and Authors

Mandi Beck- Love Hurts and Love Burns

My Dirty Deac MMA fighter and The Princess – the dancer. My Girl! This story is not only a romance, it’s also about learning to grow in a direction you never thought possible. It’s about loss and honor. These books will take you to a fight between the two sexiest main characters I’ve ever read! 

Adriana Lock- Sacrifice

This book. There aren’t words for this book. #TeamBelieve Adriana pushed the limits with this story. Sacrifice is just what the title says it is. A story about the struggles you endure when life doesn’t work out the way you plan. The pain and determination that comes naturally when the one thing in your world that brings sunshine starts to darken and there is nothing you can do but fight. Fight for Ever. Fight for unconditional love. What happens when you sacrifice everything there is for those that can anymore?

Amy Daws- Not The One

Holy Manolos!! This book came to me while I was completely unaware who this author was! I secretly love that! I’m a bit selfish. When I find a “new to me author” who has a back-shelf…  I am IN HEAVEN!! I have more words to devour from my new favorite! I feel like I don’t have to wait for more. I can just start from the beginning. But anyway I digress, far! LOL so yeah, Not The One. Reinforced my love for all things UK. Made me further believe in destiny. Not The One broke my heart and filled it with love at the same time!

Ilsa Madden-Mills- Dirty English

3 words. Pride and Prejudice for the modern readers. Ok so that’s more than 3, but the effect is there. All I will say is that you’ll end up wanting your own man or woman to quote Jane Austin to you…. Naked or fully clothed! Whew! Oh and let me not forget “Goosebumps now, orgasms later.”

Carmen Jenner- Kick, Tank, Now Leaving Sugartown, Revelry

This author right here. Since I’ve started with the first book in the Sugartown series, Carmen Jenner remains to be a MUST READ AUTHOR for me. She never disappoints. Always kicks your mind into overdrive. Will forever warp you into thinking there are rainbows and unicorns then tragically yank all that happiness away. But always, and I mean always soothes your bum with some sexy sexy! Whether she is writing about dark MC dangers, rock stars or Milkshakes and pies, Carmen Jenner will slap your arse and make it hers until the words stop flowing!


Renée Carlino- Before We Were Strangers

I loved this book. I love a second chance romance. But I also love when I can read a book so well written that I can be transported back in time to understand how I got to the future. Poignantly satisfying.

Celeste Grande- Live Me (A Pieces of Broken Book 1)

This debut book took me by surprise! And when I say I loved this book. I truly loved every single word and was completely consumed and inspired. A mix of heartbreak and sweet and sexy, Live Me had me yelling NOO!!! Then smirking “well done”.

Sara V. Zook- Beautiful Rugged

This book blew my freaking mind!! Using a storyline that is unique in its delivery, Beautiful Rugged is a story that is a true forbidden romance and what happens when life as you know it turns its back on you but you still have faith that things will work out in the end! 

Leisa Rayven- Bad Romeo and Breaking Juliet

These two books!! Oh My LANTA!! If I went back today and reread from the beginning I will bet you I would be just as drawn in as the first day I started from page one. I remember reading these books into the wee hours of the night, clutching my blankets; white knuckled, hovering on the edge of dying to know what’s going to happen next and relishing in the emotions I was feeling at the time. I never was so mad at both main characters at two very different times in my life of reading!! It was without a doubt one of the very, very best times of inhaling all that is the words I live for!

M. Mabie – The Wake Series

These books are everything to me!! Bait broke me. Sail mended me back together, and Anchor made it all worth it! The ultimate love story. Casey will forever be the best book boyfriend in all the lands!! This trilogy starts as a forbidden romance that is destined to be. Leading up to finding a way for life to be better and moving on to finally getting it right. Giving me a completed story that is just wonderful!!

Brittainy C. Cherry – The Air He Breathes

I joke a lot and say that if Brittainy made a shopping list, I would be just as captivated reading it as I am when I read one of her books. But it really is true. If I were to meet this amazing artist who happens to be an author I would do a complete fan girl moment. There hasn’t been a book yet that didn’t completely take hold of me and with the intent of making me think about nothing but the words coming, the words that have been and the words that are. Brittainy C. Cherry gets it right every single time! 

Honorable Mention

These books touched me in some way that I could not leave them out! To me I call these the "sleepers". Out of no where they seep into your skin and make a permanent home within you. 

Karen Ferry- Make Me Believe

Olivia Evans- Brooklyn & Beale

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