December 31, 2014

♥♥ SPECIAL BLOG POST PART 4 ♥♥ Annie's Top 14 Books of 2014

My Top Books of 2014 

As the final blog posting for the year, I’ve decided to give you all my top 14 books of 2014.  It took me quite a while to compile this list since I have read so many amazing books that I just couldn’t seem to put down and found myself up many nights until all hours of the morning. These are just a few of the books that I kept checking my Kindle for or broke out of One-Click Jail to purchase! I hope you enjoy my little list and please if anything happens to jump out at you support our wonderful Indie Author’s and click on the book covers to purchase the book. It’s been an amazing year here for us at All is Read and we hope you all have a safe, healthy, and Happy New Year!!


14. Idle Bloom 

by Jewel E. Ann

This is one book that I can definitely say would be a great pick to one-click and curl up with…. Oh and make sure to have a box of tissues ready just in case. Vivian and Oliver are wonderfully written characters and I loved the fact that the book is also based in Boston, being from MA myself a lot of the areas mentioned are familiar and I have been to most of them.


13. Hudson 

by Shayne McClendon

Hudson is an Alpha Male to a T…. Demanding, intense, controlling, and aware of what is happening around him at all times in all aspects of his world. That is until a little ball of fire named Gabriella puts him into his place within minutes of meeting him. What happens next is a relationship that was unexpected.  Shayne is a brilliant writer and I am glad to say I own quite a few of her stories, the first being The Barter System (another must read!!) She put enough twists and turns into the story but it makes you feel like you’re sliding between traffic on a busy street seamlessly.


12. Life’s Perfect Moments 

by S.H. Pratt

I absolutely LOVED this book!! S.H. Pratt knows how to write a story that reels you in hook, line, and sinker. I was sucked into this book immediately and could not stop reading until I had finished it. Madi has endured a lot in her life but has always loved Logan, a fact she hides because she is afraid of being rejected.  Logan, oh sweet sweet Logan he is the perfect hero of sorts, sweet, understanding, and patient when it comes to Madi’s fragility. This book holds plenty of angst, sweetness, adventure, toss in an obnoxious ex that you want to slap senseless and some hot as hell scenes here and there you end up with a perfect read!!


11. Sugar Rush 

by Belle Aurora

I discovered Belle Aurora’s Friend Zoned shortly after falling into the world of Indie books and have never looked back.  I love this series and Sugar Rush is the 3rd book to come out. Max’s story is right up in line with Nik and Asher’s, comical yet sweet. I really have enjoyed all of Belle’s stories … Twitch and RAW seem to be the most well known of her characters and books, I have also noticed he has made the lists of my sweet friends. I am definitely recommending that you all check out the comical side of her writing.


10. Until Lilly by 

Aurora Rose Reynolds

I love Aurora’s writing style and she definitely does not disappoint with the dominant men. Cash is one of 4 brothers that own a construction company who happens to meet Lilly at a coffee shop and they hit it off. The happy couple meet that damn evil monkey wrench and they split up. Years later they run into each other and the pull that was there seems to have never left. This book was amazing and honestly the whole Until Series is too...., hell everything Aurora writes I snag up and dive right on in.


9. Throttle Me 

by Chelle Bliss

Holy Hell this book was hot!! I will fully admit that I totally licked the cover, City is just that damn tasty….  Suzy and City are opposite in every way and just happen to end up in each other’s lives when he comes upon her on the side of the road with her broken down car. What happens next is an amazing, hot, and steamy ride that neither of them expected or wanted. This was the start of the Men of Inked series and the subsequent books are just as awesome!


8. Reapers Legacy 

by Joanna Wylde

This is the second book in the Reapers Motorcycle Club Series and it did not disappoint. We meet Ruger, Sophie, and Noah, Ruger’s nephew.  Ruger and Sophie have known each other for 8 years seeing as his step brother Zach is Noah’s father.  Zach is a total deadbeat and Ruger is always helping Sophie out when she needs it. He is a hot, tatted, pierced, take no BS, bad boy biker who oozes self-confidence and is literally sex on legs. Oh and
I absolutely loved Sophie, she is opinionated and stands her own ground. I love this series and can’t wait for the next books that come out of Joanna’s amazing mind!!


7. Weak For Him 

by Lyra Parish

I have not been able to get the name Finnley Felton out of my noggin after reading this book! Jennifer and Finnley have a rather interesting relationship and I’m a sucker for a dark haired man with jade green eyes so…. this was a match made in heaven for me at least. I can’t forget to mention the other dreamboat in the series Luketon…. Wowza!!! Lyra was able to weave a crazy web with this story, it grabs you and won’t let go. This is a must grab!


6. Little Black Book 

by Tabatha Vargo & Melissa Andrea

This book…. I started it and poof I was done. I had no idea how long I was buried in this story but OMG!! Sebastian, oh Sebastian you naughty but broken hot piece of ass…. I still love you =D Definitely pick this book up it is wonderfully written by 2 amazing Authors who’s writing styles meld so well it is seamless.


5. Save Me From Myself 

by Stacey Mosteller

David and Lyric’s story… Each has had heartache and while one is left to pick up all the pieces of their life the other runs away to avoid it all and start over.  I’m still swooning over David… he is definitely drool worthy!! This was Stacey’s debut and she has not slowed down yet already having 4 books in the series published and more to come soon.


4. Love’s Suicide 

by Jennifer Foor

This was the book that made me ugly cry this year…. It was heart wrenching at times but such an awesome read. Brooks and Katy broke my heart, then pasted it back together. I wish there were more guys out there like Brooks and that I had one!!! I love Jenn’s books and have read them all but I think this one right here may just be my favorite!!


3. Rock My Body 

by Michelle Valentine

 Michelle’s Black Falcon Series was my introduction to the indie world. I bought Rock the Heart and immediately devoured it, while in the process I happened to meet my first book boyfriend Tyke Douglas.  This book was a bittersweet release for me since it marks the end of the series but I was thrilled to finally have Tyke’s story in my little hands and I only seemed to fall deeper for him the more I read. This is definitely one of my insta- click Authors and I recommend her books to everyone!!


2. Fully Automatic 

by Jade C. Jamison

I stumbled across Jade’s book Bullet early on in my Indie introduction, actually it was the second Indie book that I purchased! Once I started reading it I knew there was no stopping and was up until the wee hours of the morning. It was during this read that I found yet another book boyfriend, Brad Payne. 3 books into the series later Brad’s side of the story was written and Fully Automatic was born. I one clicked this bad boy so quickly I think I left a smoke trail LOL. Jade has an assortment of stories that are must reads in my opinion, and is another of my insta- click Authors who I will pimp out to anyone that will listen.

And finally
……. My number 1 choice for 2014…….
*insert drum roll*

Vengeance is Mine 

by Kasey Millstead!!

Oh what can I say about this wonderful Author that won’t sound like I’m a babbling fool or a stalker…. Every book that I have picked up by Kasey this year has been awesome! From her downright sexy Down Under Cowboy series to her stand alones like Fighting to Stay or the amazing Vengeance is Mine she consistently has given the reading world a kick ass library that should not be passed up. This sweet, sweet Aussie has an amazing flair for writing and I’m so glad that I stumbled upon the sign up to review Cowboy Town. (Thank you in more ways than one Jackson Henley!!)


2014 was a great year for reading, don’t you agree?  There were so, sooo many books that I read that just rocked me to the core and left me thinking what the heck did I just read, when I was finished.  So, this list of top books was extremely difficult to say the least. 

Every single book on here touched me in some way and made me place the bar a little bit higher in what I choose to read. 

These authors know how to give good story.  They all know their craft, placing you right down into the book, making you feel all the feels that the characters are feeling, and leaving you with a book hangover long after the story is over.

So…without further ado, here is my top list of 2014, in no particular order because there is absolutely NO way I could place one higher than the other.

·         The Closer To You series by AL Jackson.  This series has two books:  Come To Me Quietly, and Come To Me Softly
·       Beneath This Mask by Meghan March. 
·       Hot-Blooded by Kendall Grey
·       Unravel by Calia Read
·       Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover
·       Raw by Belle Aurora
·       The Law of Moses by Amy Harmon
·       Bang by EK Blair
·         The Heart of Marley by TK Leigh
·         The Tristan and Danika Series by RK Lilley.  There are 3 books in this series, Bad Things, Rock Bottom and Lovely Trigger.

If you haven’t read these books, I highly suggest you do so.  Like I said above, these authors know their craft, and for an avid reader like me, that is very important.  I love getting lost in the stories as they unfold, and can’t wait to see what is going to happen next.  Every single one of the books above had me flipping pages like mad to find out what was going to happen.

2014 was a great year for books, and 2015 is shaping up to be no different!  I can’t wait!

Meghan March - Beneath This Mask
Kendall Grey - Hot-Blooded
Calia Read - Unravel
Colleen Hoover - Ugly Love
Belle Aurora - Raw
Amy Harmon - The Law of Moses
EK Blair - Bang
TK Leigh - Heart of Marley