November 15, 2017

~*~ Cover Reveal ~*~ with Carrie Aarons ~ As Long As You Hate Me

Title: As Long As You Hate Me
Author: Carrie Aarons
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Cover Design: Sarah Hansen, Okay Creations
Release Date: December 3, 2017


High school sweethearts. What a load of bull.

He might have been my first love, but it never meant I wanted to hear lyrics containing my name, love story, and *cringe* how I lost my virginity peddled out for the masses to digest.

Seven years later, and I’m still being haunted by his photo in every magazine, his music on every radio station. I thought breakups meant that you never had to see the person again. Especially when they ripped out your heart and made hamburger meat with it.

But when a chance encounter ends up going viral, I’m tied to him in a way I’ve always dreaded. And the last person on earth I’d want to spend an hour with, much less a lifetime, makes me an offer I can’t refuse. I might just be desperate enough to take it.


The girl in the song is real. And she’s made me a rich man.

I’ve been dedicating choruses to her for a decade, she’s the muse she never wanted to be. Off of our love, I’ve become famous … and a complete egomaniac.

When another one of my flings goes off the rails, and lands me in hot water with the media, my recording label is less than thrilled. And so comes the marching orders from my agent; devise a scheme to transform into a squeaky clean good guy.

Coming face to face with her is something I’ve only dreamed about. If not to win her back, then to at least apologize for the ways I’ve exploited her. Instead, I rope her into my madness, proposing a deal only a masochist would accept.

Author of romance novels such as Red Card and All the Frogs in Manhattan, Carrie Aarons writes sexy, swoon-worthy, sarcastic characters who won't get out of her head until she puts them down on a page.

Carrie has wanted to be an author since the first time she opened a book, and can't imagine a better or more maddening profession.

A lover of good manicures, Riesling and the beach, she enjoys chasing her puppy through the dog parks of New Jersey, or trying to make her husband binge watch the latest Netflix craze.

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November 14, 2017

An Excerpt and Giveaway from Tara Leigh! DEAL BREAKER a new Contemporary Romance

Today we have the blog tour of Deal Breaker by Tara Leigh! I am so excited to share this with you—check it out and grab your copy today!

Title: Deal Breaker
Author: Tara Leigh
Genre: Contemporary Romance
About Deal Breaker:

Nixie Rowland is having a bad day. Rushing home to drown her sorrows in ice cream and reality television, she decides to take a shortcut to the subway where things take a turn for the worst. But Nixie’s bad luck doesn’t end there—the white knight who comes to her rescue is none other than the Dark Knight of Wall Street, a cocky Manhattan mogul whose ego barely fits inside his penthouse. To her horror, Nixie discovers the sizzling attraction between them is off the charts, and rising fast. Spending the night in his bed does nothing to lower the heat… And everything to set her heart on fire.
Nash Knight doesn’t have room in his life, or his heart, for anything beyond one-night stands or casual flings. And he certainly doesn’t make a habit of rescuing damsels in distress. Except that this particular damsel slips beneath his armor, the vulnerability she covers with a false show of bravado hitting him somewhere deep. Nixie is everything he never wanted… And exactly what he needs.
With Nixie on the run from a controlling ex, and Nash trying to salvage a business deal at risk because his conquests in the bedroom are overshadowing his wins in the boardroom, there’s one simple solution for them both: a marriage in name only. But when lust becomes love, will their untamed emotions be a deal breaker?

To say my evening wasn’t going as planned would be an understatement.

Nash Knight didn’t rescue damsels in distress, and he sure as hell didn’t play nursemaid.
In business I was ruthless. The Black Knight of Wall Street, or so I’d been called. And in the ring I was downright vicious.
But this particular damsel had somehow gotten beneath my armor, under my skin. Was it because Nixie’s skin was so damn perfect, that dusting of freckles across her pert nose so enticing? Or the suspicion radiating from her like a magnetic force field, pressing against my lungs?
But if I had to guess, it was the fear that flashed in her eyes for the briefest of moments, a display of vulnerability so quick I almost missed it, before she put on a false show of bravado.
Nixie wasn’t scared of me, not physically anyway. She was hiding something. Something she didn’t want anyone to know. Even the stranger that had saved her life. Or at least, her wallet.
What was it?
The reason I was so good at what I did—the best, actually—was my innate ability to spot weaknesses and exploit them for my own benefit. Staring at the now closed door of the bathroom, I wondered something else. Why the fuck did I care? Nixie was a woman, not a company. There was no potential for profit here.
What was it about this girl that had kept me up half the night, my ears on alert for the slightest change in her breathing? Needing to know that she was okay. Safe.
A minute ago I’d been close enough to smell the citrus notes of Nixie’s shampoo wafting up from her sleep-mussed mane. My arm had been wrapped around her tiny waist, my palm pressed to her ribs, registering every breath, every tremble. And all I’d wanted was to bring my lips down to hers and find out if she tasted as sweet as she smelled.
I didn’t, and not just because she was obviously in pain and off-kilter from pills.
I’d been honest when I said my Google search pulled up nothing. Until a year ago, Nixie Rowland hadn’t existed. Prior to that, I couldn’t find a single link to anything that Nixie Rowland had ever said or done. “You didn’t fall from the damned sky,” I’d grumbled, clicking through site after site.
In this day and age, such invisibility was impossible. Local papers published the names of athletes, high school graduates, and the winners of contests and awards from spelling bee champions to prize-winning animals. And, of course, there was always the police blotter.

There was no record of Nixie Rowland scoring a soccer goal, graduating high school, or enrolling in college. She hadn’t won a spelling bee or raised a prize hog. And she wasn’t a criminal. Online, Nixie Rowland didn’t exist.

Grab Your Copy Today:
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 Tara Leigh:

Tara Leigh attended Washington University in St. Louis and Columbia Business School in New York, and worked on Wall Street and Main Street before “retiring” to become a wife and mother. When the people in her head became just as real as the people in her life, she decided to put their stories on paper. Tara currently lives in Fairfield County, Connecticut with her husband, children and fur-baby, Pixie.

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November 8, 2017

NOW LIVE! Bad Idea by Nicole French is your next book to read!

Title: Bad Idea
Series: Bad Idea Series #1
Author: Nicole French
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Release Date: November 8, 2017

From the second she saw him, Layla Barros knew Nico Soltero was all wrong. Wrong age. Wrong education. Wrong job. Wrong everything. She had a hard enough time convincing her parents that New York really is the right place for their nineteen-year-old daughter without telling them she's got a thing for the FedEx guy at her new part-time job. Too bad the second she saw him, Layla Barros no longer cared about right and wrong.

Raised with three siblings in Hell's Kitchen by a single-mom, half Puerto-Rican, half Italian Nico Soltero is a quintessential New York mutt who's always had to shoulder the burdens of his family. Burdens which have cost him almost all of his dreams, like going to college or becoming an FDNY firefighter. Now, at twenty-six, he's finally getting the chance to leave the place that's always felt more like a dead weight than the center of the universe. Too bad the city of his birth has one last hard knock to deal: the girl of his dreams, sitting right in the middle of his delivery route, three months before his plane is supposed to take off.

As Layla and Nico find out, love isn't always convenient, and it never happens how they planned. The choices that Nico and Layla make now will affect their lives forever. Will they make them together or apart? 

99c for a limited time


Free in Kindle Unlimited

Would it be weird if I just kissed her? Yeah, it would be weird. But all of sudden, that's all I can think about doing after this shitty, shitty day.
She gives me a little scowl as she wipes water off her chin, but I can tell she's glad I'm here. She knows it, and I know it. The excitement is written all over both our faces.
“Look what you made me do,” she says in a tone that's more teasing than mad. “A menace, that’s what you are.”
“Aw, I’m sorry, sweetie. You need some help?”
I don't even wait for her to say yes. I just want to be near her, that's all. Nothing inappropriate. Nothing "improper." Today, I just need to be next to this girl who fucking lights up whenever she see me.
So I drop the dolly and walk around the desk so I'm squatting next to her. I grab another napkin off the desktop, and she stares, mouth slightly open, as I dab at the water drops on her collarbone. There's barely anything, really. 
And what a total sham. Nothing improper? This is the definition of improper. But I can't stop dabbing, can't stop pressing the napkin over her dewy skin, wishing to God that it was my fingers or my mouth instead.
The donut-shaped desk encircles us, forces us close together, and now that I'm near enough to smell her, I realize this was a really bad idea. She smells like coconuts and flowers, some exotic mix that goes straight to my head and other parts lower down.
I'm not much for fancy shit. I shower at night after I've been out all day, and I slap on whatever deodorant I bought on sale last time I was at the drugstore. All of a sudden, I glance down, conscious of the way Layla's nipples have hardened through her thin black sweater, conscious of the way my pants are suddenly very tight. She inhales sharply, and I'm extremely aware of the fact that I have been heaving boxes around this city all damn day.
Fuck, I think. She must think I absolutely reek.
Quickly, I stand up and shuffle to the other side of the desk to start unloading and scanning packages. This day. This god damn day. If I just ruined my chances with this girl, I'm going to break my own arm off.
And that's when I realize I actually want a chance with NYU. Layla. I want to go on a date with her. I want to take her out to dinner and hold her hand while we walk around the city. I want to know what kinds of sounds she makes when I kiss her, or maybe even when I do other things to her too.
Fuck. The timing seriously could not be worse. NoI can't do this right now.
“So, Nico,” she says, pulling me out of my hurricane of doubt. “Got big plans this weekend?”
She's hopeful, all big blue eyes as she leans over on the desk. I exhale. No, I really can't do this with her. So even though I'm dying to make her laugh again, I just shrug and set one of the packages down with a thump.
“Not really," I say. "Working at AJ’s, you know. Take it easy on Sunday, maybe go see some art or something.”
“You like art? Really?”
I look up, no longer needing to pretend I'm annoyed with her. These rich girls––all the goddamn same. They only see the uniform, the scuffed shoes, the brown skin. They see me and think the only thing I'm good for is watching sports and drinking beer. Don't get me wrong, I like sports and I like beer. But can't I have other interests too? 
 “I could like art,” I say casually as I scan another package. “Why does that surprise you? You think the FedEx means Philistine?”
Her rosebud mouth drops open, and I can't quite hide my smirk. That's right, baby. I can use big words too


Let's make this simple and easy. 

I am going to pose a few questions and if YES is the answer to more than half of these questions the next step will be to #OneClick and #REVIEW.

1. Do you love angst?
2. When you envision a male character in a story that has dark features, a strong jaw, a cocky attitude, and can make your Momma swoon, you say YES PLEASE!! 
3. Do you like your heroine's faulty but have enough sense to grow and are sexy AF? 
4. Do you like to read your romance stories with elements of “real talk" and "real social issues"? 
5. When you come to the end of a story you don't know whether to throw your kindle; sigh in acceptance; have the sudden urge to message said author and let your neurotic rambling about how much you loved the story come out and basically word vomit for a few minutes about questions that you have, THAT YOU NEED to be answered, and then to maybe, I don't know, kinda tell said author what you think is going to happen? Like I have space in her head or something...??? Me either, I Did NOT do that... UGH, I did say sorry for that message... 


You nodded your head to a few of these didn’t you? I honestly think Nicole French needs more recognition. This is my first book by her and I fell in love with her writing. It’s fresh, vivid, and wraps you into the world depicted like a glove. 

My point being is that when I first cracked open Bad Idea that was it. I was a goner. The real world revolved around these words. I stole moments to just to keep reading. The dialog was just enough. The real struggles that Nico and Layla were going through are real and in tune to the worldly issues we face in society today. 


You'll be stumped and ask questions like "WHY??" and "WHAT DID YOU DO??" as well as giggle and swoon. BAD IDEA is in direct contradiction of what you should do as a reader. 
It's a good idea to one click these words #LexyApproved #AIRapproved And get ready for book 2! I can hardly wait!

Nicole French is an East Coast/West Coast hybrid creature, Springsteen fanatic, hopeless romantic, and complete and total bookworm. When not writing or teaching about writing, she is hanging out with her family, playing soccer with the rest of the thirty-plus crowd in Seattle, or going on dates with her husband. In her spare time, she likes to go running with her dog, Greta, or practice the piano, but never seems to do either one of these things as much as she should.

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November 7, 2017

~~Some love stories have no heroes~~New release from the power house duo Stevie J. Cole & LP Lovell

Title: Bad
Series: Bad. Dirty. Power. #1
Authors: LP Lovell & Stevie J. Cole
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: November 7, 2017

True power is never held by good men, only the most perfect of villains. And she and I are both villains…

Two very bad people who want very bad things are never safe together.

Some love stories have no heroes.


Free in Kindle Unlimited



This book is INSANE!!!

My eye is twitching.

 I am feeling a WHOLE LOT STABBY!!

If you've read the Wrong Series than you know a little about Ronan. (Don't worry though you don't have to have read the Wrong Series, but I will say that it should be read since it's just as twisted as BAD is :-)) Ronan is THE RUSSIAN BRATVA. Ruthless, calculating, and patient. He wants the power of the world and he's doing a fine job acquiring it.  Then a surprise in the form of Camilla, the Mexican Cartel's Princess in appearance who is almost equally scary as Ronan, lands in his possession and it takes them both by surprise when sexual tension starts developing. The main problem with their banter is that it could cost years’ worth of scheming Ronan had to do to obtain domination.
And he's not too happy about it.

Heartless power is the only absolute authority.
For a man in control must be the most perfect of villains.

Ronan is that villain and Camilla is his match.

I stayed in my chair and inhaled 29 chapters in what seemed like minutes. I was invested. And I have a major crush on BOTH Ronan and Camilla. I'm afraid I might be just as twisted as they are because the more blood that was shed the more I was panting.  Bad is written so flawlessly with a steady flow that I had no idea I was at the end of the story until the page on my kindle stayed white.

That's when I got stabby.

No spoilers but if anyone who has seen the description of BAD knows that there is a book 2. My only problem is, I don't have it yet.


LP Lovell

Lauren Lovell is an indie author from England.

She suffers from a total lack of brain to mouth filter and is the friend you have to explain before you introduce her to anyone, and apologise for afterwards.

Lauren is a self-confessed shameless pervert, who may be suffering from slight peen envy.

LP loves to hear from readers so please get in touch.


Stevie J. Cole

Stevie J. Cole lives deep in the woods of Alabama with her husband and two precious daughters. She studied Epidemiology concentrating on cancer research but has always had a passion for writing. Some of her stories will strip you bare, some will give you nightmares, but the one thing she can promise is that she will always give you stories that make you feel.

Raw. Gritty. Love.
Because sometimes characters need to be flawed.

P.S. Stevie's greatest fear is the impending zombie apocalypse. Think about it: swarming armies of decaying, oozing corpses stumbling around with clicking teeth, trying to eat your face. Nothing about that is good. NOTHING!


November 6, 2017

What do you know about love and power?? Get ready for the romantic suspense series from Willow Winters!

Title: Sins & Secrets Series
Author: Willow Winters
Genre: Romantic Suspense

Love is inexplicable.  It makes you do crazy things.  Love is blind… that’s a saying for a reason, isn’t it?

If anyone ever heard my story, they’d say what I did was wrong.

Even my closest friends.  They wouldn’t understand.  No one would.

But even my friends have sins and secrets of their own.  Their stories would send chills down your spine and make you think twice about just how powerful love can be.  How corrupt… how deadly.

I’ll do what I do best as an author.  I’ll write my tale, but they aren’t safe.  I won’t let them judge me without having their own dark stories unveiled as well.

I’ll write it all down and put a pretty little bow on it.

The Sins and Secrets Series of Duets is here.

with love, 

Jules (Imperfect, Sins and Series book 1)

Available Now



Coming Soon

Releasing November 14, 2017
$2.99 for a limited time


Releasing December 5, 2017

Releasing March 13, 2018

Releasing April 15, 2018

Releasing July 12, 2018

Releasing August 14, 2018

Willow Winters is so happy to be a USA Today, Wall Street Journal and #1 Contemporary Bestselling Romance Author. She likes her action hot and her bad boys hotter. She certainly doesn’t hold back on either one in her writing!

Willow started writing after having her little girl, Evie, December 2015. All during her pregnancy with Evie she continued to read and she only wanted to read romance. She was reading a book a day — sometimes two.

In January 2016 Willow was staying up late with Evie and just thinking of all these stories. They came to her constantly so she finally sat down and just started writing. She always wanted to do it so she figured, why not? Today Willow cannot be happier for making that decision!

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