September 17, 2014

*** Cover Reveal *** Brody (The Bang Shift Series) by Mandy Harbin


Title: Brody (The Bang Shift Series)
Author: Mandy Harbin
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Sexual Level: HOT
Release Date: November 4, 2014
Cover Design by Sarah Hanson, Okay Creations
Organized by Literati Author Services Inc.

Brody “Brutus” Jackson isn’t your average small-town mechanic. The shop where he spends his days doubles as the headquarters for the mercenary group he works with. They jokingly call themselves the Bang Shift because the government contracts they take are the less savory ones, and they’re all just shady enough to do what’s necessary to get the jobs done. As far as Brody’s concerned, it’s the perfect arrangement for a man with no memory of his past, and no hope for the future.   

Under FBI protection, Alexandria Collins and her son have been in hiding for ten years. When it’s time to move again, her piece of crap car breaks down and the man giving her a tow is the biggest, hottest guy she’s ever seen. She is determined to ignore the need her long-neglected body hungers for. After all, the last man she showed interest in put a gun to her head.  

 Brody thinks the skittish Xan is sexy as hell, but it’s not her hot body that has him rocked to his core. He knows her from somewhere, and in his line of work, that’s a dangerous thing. Following orders have never been this hard, but when he finds out she’s his next assignment, he will protect her at all costs … even if what she needs protection from most is him. 

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  Mandy Harbin is an award-winning, bestselling author of several books across multiple romance genres ranging from contemporary to paranormal erotic romance. She is also the number one bestselling author in teen romance under the pen name M.W. Muse with her popular Goddess Series. She is a Superstar Award recipient, Reader's Crown and RWA Passionate Plume finalist, and has received Night Owl Reviews Top Pick distinction many times. She studied writing at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, earned several degrees, and even pursued an MBA until she realized becoming an author did not have to remain an unfulfilled dream. Mandy is a PAN member of the RWA and lives in a small Arkansas town with her non-traditional family, and although she is a direct descendant of British royalty, they refuse to call her princess. When she's not penning her latest book, you can find her hanging out online where she loves to connect with fellow readers or stalking Mickey Mouse at Disney World.  

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~+~ Blog Tour & Review ~+~ Everything I Need (Nashville Nights #3) By Stacey Mosteller

Everything I Need
Publication Date: September 4, 2014
Genres: ContemporaryRomance
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SarahBeth Pearson has made mistakes, and I might just be the biggest one of them all. After spending months keeping secrets and lying to everyone close to us, its all fallen apart and we are each left alone to pick up the pieces.
Ive loved SarahBeth in one form or another her entire life. The steps that brought us closer together werent easy for me to take. After letting her dictate our relationship, Ive found myself practically homeless and estranged from my closest friends.
Now Im left trying to move on, finding a new place to live and getting everything I need in order, while shes trying to mend her broken heart. Theres just one problem…SarahBeths still keeping secrets - and her secret just might change everything.

"Isn't that SarahBeth?" Melanie asks, looking over to where a small 

blonde and a brunette are running towards a hallway between stores that 

leads to restrooms. I jerk around in my seat, trying to look closer and when 

I see Tyler watching after them, holding a purse and a few shopping bags, I 

know for sure it's them. At my nod, Mel touches my hand, bringing my gaze 

back to her earnest one. "Don't you want to go check on her? Make sure 

she's alright?"

Do I want to? Yes, absolutely. Should I? Well, that's another matter 

entirely. I look back to the corridor they disappeared through, but don’t see 

them any longer. Just when I'm about to tell her no, I don't want to check on 

her, Tyler's eyes meet mine and the blatant worry in them has me nodding 

and heading in his direction. I don't look back to see if Melanie followed me 

because honestly, all I can think about is what could possibly put that look 

in Tyler's eyes.

"Is she okay?" It's all I can do to keep my voice level when I reach him 

and ask the question I need the answer to the most. 

Tyler's looking everywhere but at me when he replies, "Yeah mate, she's 

fine. You can go back to whatever you were doing now." His voice is hard, 

it's easy to tell he's not happy at finding me with Mel, but his feelings aren't 

what worry me now.

Before I can ask any more questions, Olivia and Sarah are walking back 

in our direction. They both stop in their tracks when they see me standing 

with Tyler. The moment she notices Melanie standing next to me her 

already pale skin loses all color and she begins backing up, away from our 

little group. The hurt in her eyes has me moving towards her before I can 

even process it. I want to explain myself. When what I'm doing registers, 

I stop, trying to keep myself in place, but when her eyes fill with tears and 

they overflow, rolling soundlessly down her cheeks, I melt.

Reaching her, I cup her face in my hands, brushing away the tears as 

she trembles beneath me. It's the first time I've really touched her since 

everything went to shit and having my hands on her, having her this close 

to me, I feel like I've come home. Unable to hide the emotions racing 

across my face, I let her see just how much I've missed her as her breath 

catches in her throat. Her eyes are bouncing back and forth between mine 

in disbelief while the look on her face has me aching to touch my mouth to 

hers, to pull her into me so I can hold her.

I don't get the chance to do any of that because at the same time a hand 

touches my back, SarahBeth sucks in a breath and steps back, her eyes 

brimming with tears even while she glares up at me, betrayal all over her 

face. I want to explain, to tell her what I'm doing here with Mel, to reassure 

her that it's not what it seems, but in the back of my head I think this is a 

good thing. I want her to let go of me, to begin to move on, to find someone 

that deserves her. Letting her think I've replaced her, no matter how much 

it hurts us both, is probably for the best.

"Wait SarahBeth," Melanie begins as I step away from her touch. 

Instead, I grab the hand that was on my back and link our fingers together, 

this draws both her eyes and SarahBeth's. Mel's looks confused, but 

SarahBeth's guts me. She stares at our linked hands with an expression 

that's a cross between fury and despair before swiping her hands across 

her cheeks to brush away the few falling tears, and meeting my gaze head 


Her eyes are sparking with a fire I haven't seen in so long that I'm almost 

relieved. As she straightens her spine and holds her head high. she turns 

to Mel and smiles. Just barely tipping the corners of her lips up her smile 

is clearly fake but there nonetheless, she says, "It's fine really. I'm glad 

he has someone." Mel starts to speak up, but SarahBeth keeps her eyes 

on me as Olivia walks up beside her, puts an arm around her shoulder 

and glares at me. If looks could kill...that girl hates me. She starts to say 

something in her ear, but Sarah shakes her head. "There's nothing to say. 

I'm done with this," with that said she scoots out from under Olivia's arm 

and turns her back on me, this time I'm sure for good, and leaves me to 

watch her walk away from me this time.

Tyler hurries to walk after them, muttering, "You're a bloody idiot mate," 

as he passes me. He doesn't get far before he stops, turns around and 

glares at me, much like Olivia did. "If you only knew..." he shakes his 

head, "Well, that would have gone a lot differently." I don't get the chance 

to ask him what he means before he heads after them, dropping an arm 

across each of their shoulders and handing the bags he was holding to 


This was a great conclusion to SarahBeth and Jeremy’s story and it seamlessly picks up where Everything I Shouldn’t ends off.  Jer and SB each collectively have a secrets that they are keeping from each other while Jeremy thinks keeping his is the only way to keep her safe, SB is keeping her pregnancy from Jeremy because she is under the assumption that he no longer wants to be with her and wants to be sure that isn’t the case before telling him. 

Stacey takes you on a rollercoaster ride full of emotions… I was sucked in as soon as I started the book and never looked up until I was finished. I did honestly want to smack both SB & Jer in the back of their heads at certain points and yell just tell each other what the hell is going on already since they are both just as stubborn as they were in the previous book. I was happy to see that SB and Lyric were mending their relationship and seemed to be growing closer to each other while David (oh my hotness) had to step up and not only have his brotherly role but also had to take on a fatherly role for SB’s sake. 

Secrets are shared and thankfully SB and Jeremy work through their problems and end up being the amazing couple that we all knew could be, David and Lyric’s relationship keeps getting stronger (now I’d like to see Lyric make an honest man out of David *wiggles eyebrows*) and there is a brand spanking new Meloni!!!

 I truly love this series and can’t wait to read SB’s best friend Livvie’s story which is next up in the grand scheme of things… boy does her situation seem to be crazy yet smoking hot!! I highly recommend this series to everyone and am giving Everything I Need 5 sparkling stars!!

The Nashville Nights Series

Save Me From Myself (Nashville Nights #1)

Never Wanted More (Nashville Nights #0.5)


Everything I Shouldn’t (Nashville Nights #2)

Everything I Need (Nashville Nights #3)

Second Chances


Pretending He's You

Stacey is the New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author of Second Chances (co-authored with H.M. Ward) and the Nashville Nights series.
She is also a wife, mother, writer and self-professed bookwhore - not necessarily in that order! As the mother of three growing boys, her Kindle has become her temporary escape from the insanity of boys, dogs and her husband. Stacey can usually be found curled up with her iPad when she's supposed to be writing or creating endless playlists on Spotify!

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*** Cover Reveal *** Pretending He's You (Nashville Nights Book 4) by Stacey Mosteller


Title: Pretending He's You (Nashville Nights, #4)
Author: Stacey Mosteller
Release Date: October 22, 2014
Cover Photography & Design by Sara Eirew @ Sara Eirew Photographer & Designer


Olivia Barrett’s always had a weakness for bad boys and Tyler Chamberlain is no exception. His tattoos, his piercings, and even the fact that he has a girlfriend doesn’t keep her away. Interested in Tyler since she first saw him pick up a guitar, she’s been trying to find ways to be with him for years. He’s the one Livvie runs to when she needs a friend, the one who makes her laugh and holds her when she needs to cry. Unfortunately, they are never single at the same time and sneaking around is getting old. Now, tired of making bad decisions, Livvie’s making changes. Her friends are all starting to grow up and she doesn’t want to be left behind. Terrified her friends are moving on without her, she's’s determined to make things work with Emmett, her on-again off-again boyfriend since high school. The only problem? Tyler isn’t ready to let her go. Despite her boyfriend and his girlfriend, these two are drawn together like magnets. When she’s with Emmett she wishes she was with Tyler and vice versa. Will Livvie ever get tired of pretending and pick one guy? Or will she keep bouncing back and forth between the two of them indefinitely?    

He makes me so mad! It’s my birthday, and instead of celebrating with my boyfriend, I’m at home, fuming over the stupid shit he always does. Emmett knows today is my birthday, but instead of making plans to spend the night with me, he’s with his teammates. I mean, come on! I bailed on plans with SB, Jess and Lily tonight to spend time with my boyfriend. I was actually planning on giving up my virginity tonight…I figured hell, I’m eighteen now, I’m an adult, sex is my decision right? Wrong, apparently. My bedroom door shuts behind me and I whirl around, thinking he’s followed me in, but no, of course not. It’s Tyler, Chris’s friend and old bandmate. A guy I’ve had a crush on since he started coming around when he first moved to Nashville from London. Looking over at him in shock, because I really didn’t expect to see him, or anyone here tonight. My parents aren’t home, which is par for the course, and my brother…oh shit! Chris is home on leave so that means the rest of the old band is here too. They always hang out and play when he’s home. “What’s wrong Livvie-girl?” His softly spoken words, in the accent that’s not as pronounced as it was the first time I met him, saying the nickname he gave me, bring tears to my eyes. Turning back away from him, not wanting him to see me cry, not over something as stupid as my boyfriend having an away game on my birthday. Trust me, I know the way I’m acting is selfish, but it just feels like everyone has abandoned me this year. My parents are out of town, my boyfriend refused to blow off his game, and I can’t beg my friends to hang out with me because I already told them what my plans were for tonight. If I call any of them, they’ll just feel sorry for me. Tyler’s hands land on my shoulders, squeezing gently before he turns me back around to face him. The concern in his eyes unravels me; I just want to be close to someone, to feel like someone cares. I collapse into his chest, crying softly while he strokes my hair, murmuring sweet words to comfort me. We only stand like this for a few minutes, just until I can get my emotions under control. “Are you ready to tell me what has you so upset, love?” He tips my chin up so I’m looking into his eyes, but I don’t want him to see just how messed up I am tonight. I just want to forget everything, forget how cheated I feel. Tonight was supposed to be the night…my eighteenth birthday, the first time I go “all the way” - which sounds really corny by the way. We’ve done everything but the actual deed so I shouldn’t feel so cheated. It’s just, I’m tired of being one of the only ones in my group of friends who hasn’t done it yet. It’s just SarahBeth and me and she’s waiting for someone who will never, ever notice her like that. I don’t want to end up like her, alone and pining for someone I can’t have. I can’t say any of that to Tyler though, so I just say, “I’m just upset because I’m spending my birthday alone.” There, that should suffice. I shouldn’t have to elaborate on those words. Besides, now that I’m in here, in my room…alone with a boy, a boy that I’ve always wanted to be alone with, I’m getting ideas. Ones I shouldn’t act on, but I’m angry, still feeling the sting of rejection from Emmett refusing to blow off his game. “Ahh,” he says knowingly, “your birthday? How old are you now?” He tilts his head sideways, studying me as he waits for my answer. My smile turns wicked as I trail a finger down his chest, then his really nice abs, stopping just above the snap on his jeans. Looking up at him, I breathe the word, “Eighteen.” His light brown eyes darken until I’m almost unable to tell where his pupils end and the color begins. This so isn’t me, but I like the effect I’m having on him. “Mmmm, that’s a good age, Livvie-girl,” he says, his voice suddenly much deeper. I know I’m playing with fire, but I just can’t help myself. Tyler rubs his thumb against my bottom lip, prompting me to touch the tip of my tongue against it. His indrawn breath makes me feel powerful, like I’m doing something naughty when I shouldn’t be. Which of course, I am. Technically, I have a boyfriend…at least I think I still do. I’m not really sure because I told him that if he didn’t blow off the game, he shouldn’t call me again. It’s not the first time I’ve made the threat and I’ve never followed through with it before, but Tyler’s finally paying me attention. I’ve wanted him to notice me since the day I met him, the broken boy who’d just lost his mom and moved in with a father who didn’t know he’d existed until the day his mom’s will was read. I’m feeling reckless and bold, and I’m not sure if it’s because it’s him or my birthday, or just the idea that I’m doing something I’m not supposed to be. I talk a lot of shit, but deep down, I’m really a good girl. Always doing what my parents tell me, never really getting into trouble. Up to this point, the only rebellious thing I’ve done is putting a bright red streak in my dark hair. My parents freaked about that one until I assured them it was temporary - even though it’s not. Tyler’s free hand strokes down my arm leaving a trail of goose bumps in its wake before settling on my waist. The warmth of his hand seeps through my light shirt and into my skin as I stretch up on my toes to brush my mouth against his briefly. His hand tightens as the other moves from my chin around to the back of my neck, tangling in my hair and holding my head still. Before I can ask what he’s doing, his mouth lands on mine, kissing me roughly. I’ve never been kissed this way, and when I don’t push him away, he pulls back just enough to trace the seam of my lips with his tongue, silently asking for acceptance. I don’t even think of denying him, opening immediately and sucking his tongue into my mouth. He growls, pulling me harder against him and letting me feel his obvious erection against my stomach. I’ve made out with a few guys, but none of them have ever made me feel like this. I feel like I’m freezing and burning up all at the same time. Tyler knows exactly how to touch me to make my body ignite, and I’m wondering why I bother with high school boys when the older ones are so much better. 

   Nashville Nights series

Never Wanted More (Nashville Nights #0.5):

Save Me From Myself (Nashville Nights #1):

Everything I Shouldn’t (Nashville Nights #2):

Everything I Need (Nashville Nights #3):

Also by Stacey Mosteller
Second Chances



Stacey is the New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author of Second Chances (co-authored with H.M. Ward) and the Nashville Nights series. She is also a wife, mother, writer and self-professed bookwhore - not necessarily in that order! As the mother of three growing boys, her Kindle has become her temporary escape from the insanity of boys, dogs and her husband. Stacey can usually be found curled up with her iPad when she's supposed to be writing or creating endless playlists on Spotify.


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