January 13, 2015

~*~Release Day Blitz~*~Uncover Me(Men of Inked #4) By Chelle Bliss

   Uncover Me - Men of Inked #4
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I lost track of my life.
Spiraling down the rabbit hole, I lost myself and became one of them. Living undercover within the MC, the days bled together as I became absorbed in a life of excess and violence. Becoming consumed was easy. Was I Thomas Gallo, good guy and respected cop or Blue, Sergeant-at-Arms of the Sun Devils MC? Before, I could answer with certainty. But now, there’s a darkness that has settled deep in my soul, fusing with my heart and altering my reality forever. The road I’ve traveled has been paved with danger, death, and deception. Roxanne grew up as part of the MC, a victim of her birth. Her life has been treacherous, setting her on a course of torment and destruction. When our worlds collide, secrets are revealed. Trying to save us from damnation, I fight for redemption and the woman I love.
Do you like pierced and tatted ALPHAS? You need to read the Men of Inked series!
USA Today bestselling author Chelle Bliss is an American author who writes stories about real-life scenarios with fantasy Alpha males. Her works include humor as well as steamy sex. Website | Facebook | Twitter

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♦*♦COVER REVEAL♦*♦Fatal Knockout by Julie Bailes

 Title: Fatal Knockout
Author- Julie Bailes
Release Date- Feburary 2015

Photo and Cover design: Golden with FuriousFotog,
Model: Darren Hitchcock.

 It’s an action some encourage and others dissuade. Since the day I was born, fighting has been instilled into my mind. Regardless of your opinion, it’s something we all do. At some point in time, consciously or subconsciously—either emotionally, physically, or spiritually—we struggle. Many will strive to withstand their battles, but only those who were born to fight will overcome them.
                A true fighter lacks weakness. They abstain from carelessness and refrain from trusting their opponents, but most importantly, they never accept defeat.
 I am a true born fighter. Each second of every day, I fight. Rip the ones I love most away from me, I kill. If I’ve learned anything from this life, it’s to always expect the unexpected. As long as my heart continues to beat, and no matter the costs, I will be victorious. 
Fatal Knockout ~Coming Feb. 2015
Copyright © 2014 Julie Bailes
Present day…
This pain, it’s the worst I’ve ever experienced. Sweat covers my body as excoriating, stabbing pains rip through my entire core. Focusing my eyes up to the florescent lights, I hold my breath and count the moments until this all comes to an end. Suddenly, a cool washcloth is draped across my forehead. “Breathe, Madisyn. I know it hurts like hell, but you have to breathe.” Shut up! Please, everyone just shut the hell up. “How would you know how it feels?” I spit.
My voice is harsher than I intended, but I don’t have time to apologize. No sooner than the words pass my lips, the pain is back. This time it’s fiercer than before. The painful waves are more frequent, lasting longer than the last, and crippling my mind as the pain zips through my body from head to toe. “Declan’s right, Maddie. You have to breathe. I know all you’re trying to do is push through the pain, but you have to let oxygen into your lungs,” Keisha whispers next to my ear.
“I ca- can’t do this,” I gasp, holding tight to the bedrails of the hospital bed and bracing myself for the next round of torment. “Yes, you can,” she argues. “Look at me, Maddie.” Lowering my eyes from the beaming lights embedded into the ceiling, I stare directly into Keisha’s tear-filled, green eyes. “You are not a quitter. You are a Benson, and Bensons are fighters. We do not tolerate defeat. Now, just close your eyes, breathe, and think of him,” she encourages, pointing her finger up to the ceiling.
Think of him? He is all I’ve thought about since we arrived to the hospital. He’s the reason I refused any type of medicine to help ease my pain, hoping that somehow this pain would help me forget him, even if it’s only for a few hours. Instead, the last fourteen hours have been nothing but a constant reminder of him. He helped put me here. He should be here holding my hand and talking me through the pain, not Declan.
The promises he made to me, the vows we exchanged… all lies. He promised to be my life partner, to hold my hand and grow old with me. He avowed to never cause me pain. He lied. Once again, I’m engrossed with pain. This time it’s different, extremely vicious. Letting out a scream loud enough to shake the Earth, I squeeze Declan’s hand. “God, please… help me,” I cry out. Instantaneously, my body locks up, black and white floaters fill my vision, and warm, sticky liquid covers the inside of my thighs. “Oh, shit!”
 ≈About the Author
 Julie Bailes
Born and raised in Nashville, TN, wife of one, mother of three, and chocolate fanatic! Author of Shattered and Shaken, due to release mid September. I attend nursing school full time, but in my spare time I love spending time with my family watching movies, eating junk food, and every once in a while a girls night out on the town. I enjoy reading, even though I haven’t read much since I’ve began my journey as author. I live by the motto “Live life as if you’re dying, Laugh until your stomach hurts, Love until your heart stops beating, and never judge.” Simple rules to follow. We never know what someone else is going through or what they have been through. Life is too short to be angry, unforgiving, or depressed. Each day is a gift from God that can be taken at any given moment- embrace the gift of life….
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{Release Blitz} OUR FOREVER PROMISE (Forever, #3) by Mary A. Wasowski

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Title: Our Forever Promise (Forever #3)
Author: Mary A. Wasowski
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: January 13, 2015
Their story began with a smile shared between them. Walker Reed never planned on finding his soul mate on the grounds of his college campus, but then he met HER! Reese Mitchell, a girl with the face of an angel, but a body made to sin…and only for HIM. Falling in love was the easy part of their story. Staying together…That was the hard part. Circumstances beyond their control separated the young lovers, leaving many questions unanswered as to WHY? After seventeen heartbreaking years apart and just simply existing in their separate lives, fate intervened and reunited them once again. They built their love on promises of Forever and were given a Second Chance to do it right this time. Our Forever Promise takes you through the final chapter of their love story. Now that Walker and Reese are back home and wrapped up in the love they once shared, all they want is their Happily Ever After. When they closed the door to their past that began with love and ended with heartache, pain, and loss, they made a new promise: To walk hand and hand with one another and reclaim what was taken from them. A wedding is planned. New promises of Forever are made. They have it all and plan on spending the rest of their lives together. Walker and Reese and their love can never be denied. They believe in it. They trust in it. They build their lives around it. Will fate be so cruel again and threaten their newfound happiness? …Not if they have anything to say about it!   
4 STARS!!!
Okay where to start, my goodness what a rollercoaster. Since I want to be completely honest I will start with the things I was not to keen on in this book and end with the things that I loved.

This is the final book in the Reed/Mitchell Forever Story, we have finally found our couple in a position to get their happily ever after, after first starting this story and journey 20 years ago when Reese and Walker first met. And what a journey it has been. If there has been couple that has gone through the most unbearable and utter heartbreak it is these two. And we come to find out that destiny is no more merciful on their children, Jackson and Riley who also go through some trials and tribulations in this final book.

So the not so great...
The beginning of this book seems to drag a bit or at least it did for me. I was not very invested until I got to midway in the story. There was just something about the constant declarations of love that started to irk my nerves. It almost got a bit irritating. There is not much momentum or action in the first half of the book. Its almost as if the characters are in constant need of validation from one another and I think it took too much away from the beginning.

My second issue was Walker, and don't get me wrong I love Walker. I loved him in the first two books but in this book I wanted to punch him in the face, A LOT and OFTEN. He was so controlling and obsessed both in father mode and fiance mode. He didn't start to relent his controlling behavior until again, midway in the story.

Alternating POVs and Inner thought dialogue; I am a big fan of alternating POVs, I like being able to get inside the head of each character. However sometimes this can be both distracting and confusing if done too frequently. The book alternates POVs between 5 people and then a 6th person at the very end for a brief moment. Within those POVs there is also inner dialogue from the characters talking in their own head. We also get chapters that indicate which POV it is but then switches within the chapter. So again alternating POVs can be great but also detrimental at the same time. I think a little less switching would have been easier for me to get into the story, but again that is just my opinion.

Those were my gripes and why I couldn't give the book a 5 star, however with that being said, there is a lot this book accomplishes that makes it a beautiful story worth reading.

The good...
Emotions. Emotions. Emotions. Mary Wasowski is excellent at expressing the emotions of her characters. You feel every ounce of their fear, anger, sadness and love. This book oozes emotion at every turn of the page especially in the second half of the story where the stakes get really high and everything that has hurt this couple comes at them with full force.

Reese-I love Reese. I love her strength, her devotion, her heart, and her compassion. I love how she is able to soothe Walker even at his worst and I love how she is able to open her heart to forgiveness despite all that has been done to her. She is a guiding light in this story one that will never be put out but will always shine.

The themes of forgiveness and moving beyond your past. This is so important in this book and if there is anything you should walk away with from this trilogy it is learning to forgive those who have wronged you, to move on from the past so you can live your life without pain, hurt and sadness but with faith. Faith in what you hold true in your heart.I enjoyed seeing Walker go through this struggle, it was realistic and heartfelt. He needed to forgive those that wronged him and when he finally did, that moment was so unbelievably special it warmed my heart.

The Second Chance- This trilogy emphasized second chances like none other I have read, and I loved that. I loved the idea of destiny and a love that could span time despite it being torn apart early,a love that can be given a second chance. It wasn't even just Reese and Walker who were given a second chance, but Riley and Jackson. They face a hardship that almost takes their love away as well, but they survive it. and it makes them that much stronger.

The ending- So I won't give it away but the ending of this book was perfect. Beautifully done and turned me into a little pile of mushy emotions. It was a great way to end the trilogy.

So a bumpy ride for this last book for me, but I still enjoyed it and I feel it will leave readers of this trilogy happily satisfied. 
Forever (Forever, #1)
  Second Chance at Forever (Forever, #2)
Our Forever Promise( Forever #3)
Mary Wasowski
Mary Wasowski is the queen of mastering many tasks. I call New Jersey my home where I share my life with my husband, and our three amazing sons. Writing was my way of expressing my words that sometimes I couldn't say. My journals were filled with the rants of a teenager finding her way, and eventually they turned into poems, and short stories. Joining the Indie community of so many talented writers has been a wonderful experience. I am so thankful for all of the love and support I have received. Life can take you down many different roads, but I truly believe this is where I am suppose to be now. I want to inspire my boys to never give up on your dreams. I never did, and here I am. I am officially an Author. Write what you love. Love what you write. Believe in your story. You have many chapters to write on your journey... XOXO...Mary  

{*}COVER REVEAL{*} ALWAYS YOU by Stephanie Rose

Always You Cover  
Title: Always You
Author: Stephanie Rose
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: March 26, 2015
 AY Full cover
To Samantha Christensen, Lucas Hunter was always the guy—the sexy, smart and unattainable man she pined for throughout college. To Lucas, she was a treasured friend, a younger sister he felt the need to protect. She had a choice—to wait and hope, or to settle. When they meet again years later, Lucas looks at Samantha and sees a woman he wants—even though she’s not free to take. As they renew their friendship he finds he’s falling hard, and can’t accept any less than all of her. Samantha realizes there’s hope with Lucas. Will she finally have a chance to be happy with the man she’s always loved, or will obligations and insecurities stand in their way? Can Samantha and Lucas convince each other that they belong together? That it was Always You?
Stephanie author pic
Stephanie lives in the Bronx, New York with her superhero-obsessed husband and son. Her day job is marketing, but she always has a story in her head. This lifelong New Yorker lives for Starbucks, book boyfriends, and 80s rock After spending most of her youth watching soaps, Stephanie has an obsession with angsty drama and hot romance. She's excited to finally bring the characters she's been dreaming about to life!

***COVER REVEAL***Miss Man-Eater(The Misses Trilogy, #2) by Marie Garner

Miss Man-Eater Cover
Title: Miss Man-Eater (The Misses Trilogy #2)
Author: Marie Garner
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: February 23, 2015
When Miss Man-Eater… Raquel Adams is in desperate need of a media makeover. Her already floundering reputation is made worse by her recent antics, and she doesn’t seem to care. Raquel lives life on her own terms and doesn’t answer to anyone, least of all Clayton Cox, the guy charged with making her a media darling. His take charge attitude is a problem for strong-willed Raquel, but she can’t deny the attraction she feels toward him.
Meets America’s spin doctor… Clayton Cox is the boss, and damn good at his job. He’s hired to improve your reputation and does so by swooping in, saving the day, and moving onto the next one. But he can’t move one from his newest client. Raquel is maddening, and gorgeous enough to make him forget his rule of never getting involved with a client. But Clayton can’t forget what happened the last time he mixed business with pleasure. All’s fair in love and war. Raquel wants Clayton, and nothing is going to stand in her way, not even Clayton himself. He doesn’t know what hit him, and soon finds himself juggling between having to improve her reputation and feign off her advances. But Clayton’s determined to show Raquel who’s in charge at any cost, even if that means thwarting her seduction efforts. Will Miss Man-Eater change or ways? Or will Clayton become the latest victim entangled in her web?
“But that’s just the latest thing, the tip of the iceberg you’ve been creating for years. Shall we go through some of the other stuff?” Clayton clearly didn’t expect her to answer, because he picked up the magazines he’d brought from the desk and put them down in front of her. It was bad, but Raquel refused to hide despite how much she wanted to cringe. Rumors of hard partying, cocaine use—even though she had never used it—infidelity, orgies, stripping. And that was just the rumors. As a finale he had a list of the names she had acquired—bitch, whore, slut, jezebel, home wrecker, and her moniker, Man-Eater. This is embarrassing, Raquel thought, seeing everything in black and white. It was something she hadn’t thought about; hell, half the time she cultivated it, but now she was left with regret. David was the final straw. He took her already fragile reputation and pummeled it to the ground. And what was his response when she asked him about it? “I just wanted a piece of the Man-Eater, but you didn’t even put out. Hope it was worth it.” “That’s not all true,” she said. Great, Raquel, way to sound like an intelligent, self-assured woman. He shook his head, looking at her as if she was crazy. “No one cares. I don’t know how many times I have to tell you that, but you need to get it through your thick skull. Your reputation is in the trash, and your job is on the rocks. You need me, which is why you called me. Because I am the best, and the only one who can repair your current reputation. You may not want to need me, but you do.” Raquel reached for the pitcher full of water in the middle of the table, pouring a glass and taking a long drink, wishing it was tequila, while she composed herself. “What happens now?” He raised his eyebrows, acknowledging that she ignored his statement. That was the best he was going to get from her, so he just needed to chill. “Right now? You are going to go the hell home and stay there. Don’t go out, because I can’t trust you to go anywhere. Even your local family restaurant isn’t safe when you’re around. Read over the contract,” he passed her a manila envelope that contained a bunch of paperwork, “carefully, because you are basically signing yourself over to me for the next six months. If you agree to the terms, then let me know and I will tell you where we go from here.” She opened the folder, noticing how thick the contract was. “What is your strategy?” “I’m not telling you before you agree. If you want it, you’ll sign it. And if, God forbid, anything else comes up, call me immediately.”   
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Marie Garner hails from North Carolina, and has had her nose in a book for as long as she can remember. Story ideas have been floating around in her head for as long as she can remember when she finally decided to write them down. She is an avid football fan, often found rooting on her Washington Redskins or her alma mater NC State. She has taught for the past 7 years, with a short break to earn her Masters degree. She loves London, having lived there for a year, and loves taking all those crazy ideas to make stories you enjoy!
Miss Man-Eater Cover Full


Title: Finding Laila
Author: T.K. Rapp
Release Date: Jan 13, 2015
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Joey, Cole, Haden and Braxton have been a constant in my life since I was five, and I have loved being one of the guys.
I’ve been cheerleader.
I’ve been study partner.
I’ve been listener.
When we’re young, we don’t realize the profound impact certain people will have on our lives. I had no idea twelve years ago I’d meet four boys who would turn out to be my best friends, my soul mates - my barmy.
Now school is almost done, our last summer together is drawing closer, and I’m trying to hold on to what we have while I still can. After this we’ll have to say goodbye to each other, as our choices will take our lives in different directions. But I don't know if our friendship can survive once secrets and surprises begin revealing themselves to us at every turn.
When it’s all said and done, will our friendships remain unbreakable? Or will our once strong bond prove to be weaker than we anticipated?
Letting go is harder than I thought, but some changes are necessary.
And finding Laila…finding myself…may be the greatest journey of all.
“I guess we know the flavor of the week,” a female voice says from behind me, causing several others with her to laugh.
I know they’re talking about me. They’re always talking about me. It’s been this way since I was in seventh grade, but I’ve made it my mission to ignore it.
“She certainly gets around,” another voice chimes in.
Cole is sitting to my left, Haden to my right and both guys are staring at the field, but neither is paying attention to the game. I watch out of my peripheral as Haden’s forearm muscles tense and relax while Cole bites his lip. They are intently focused on the words being thrown at me, but keep quiet for the time being.
“She must be good because they all stick around,” a guy’s voice states in salacious tone that makes me nauseous.
I don’t wait for another barb to be hurled my way, even though I know it’s coming. I throw my arm around Haden and whisper something in his ear before kissing his cheek then turning to do the same to Cole. I lean forward to see Joey, who is next to Cole and give him a wink, “I’ll get you later, Baby.”
He shakes his head and laughs, “Why must you stir the pot?”
Haden smiles - proud of my display - and it pushes me on.
I turn to look at the three classmates who have stopped chattering long enough to watch my little show, jaws hanging open. I shrug my shoulders, and answer Joey, “I’m just giving them what they want.”
One of the girls, Kasey, looks at me and raises a brow, “And what about Braxton?”
I glance over to Cole who’s listening to everything, but is still watching the game. He smirks, as if he knows what’s coming and a smile of my own begins to break.
They are gawking at me when I turn and wet my lips before winking at the girls.
“If he wins, we all win,” I say huskily.
“Touchdown!” The announcer yells and the crowd jumps to their feet to celebrate. All but the three jerks behind me.
T.K. Rapp is a Texas girl born and raised. She earned a B.A. in Journalism from Texas A&M and it was there that she met the love of her life. He had a contract with the U.S. Navy that would take them across both coasts, and ultimately land them back home in Texas.
Upon finally settling in Texas, T.K. worked as a graphic designer and photographer for the family business that her mom started years earlier. She was able to infuse her creativity and passion, into something she enjoyed, but something was still missing. There was a voice in the back of her head that told her to write, so write, she did. And, somewhere on an external hard drive, are several stories she started and never finished.
Now at home, raising her two daughters, T.K. has more time to do the things she loves, which includes photography and writing. When she’s not doing one of those, she can be found with her family, which keeps her busy. She enjoys watching her kids in their various sporting activities (i.e. doing the soccer mom thing), having Sunday breakfast at her parent’s house, singing out loud and out of key or dancing like a fool. She loves raunchy humor, gossip blogs and a good book.