January 13, 2015

♦*♦COVER REVEAL♦*♦Fatal Knockout by Julie Bailes

 Title: Fatal Knockout
Author- Julie Bailes
Release Date- Feburary 2015

Photo and Cover design: Golden with FuriousFotog,
Model: Darren Hitchcock.

 It’s an action some encourage and others dissuade. Since the day I was born, fighting has been instilled into my mind. Regardless of your opinion, it’s something we all do. At some point in time, consciously or subconsciously—either emotionally, physically, or spiritually—we struggle. Many will strive to withstand their battles, but only those who were born to fight will overcome them.
                A true fighter lacks weakness. They abstain from carelessness and refrain from trusting their opponents, but most importantly, they never accept defeat.
 I am a true born fighter. Each second of every day, I fight. Rip the ones I love most away from me, I kill. If I’ve learned anything from this life, it’s to always expect the unexpected. As long as my heart continues to beat, and no matter the costs, I will be victorious. 
Fatal Knockout ~Coming Feb. 2015
Copyright © 2014 Julie Bailes
Present day…
This pain, it’s the worst I’ve ever experienced. Sweat covers my body as excoriating, stabbing pains rip through my entire core. Focusing my eyes up to the florescent lights, I hold my breath and count the moments until this all comes to an end. Suddenly, a cool washcloth is draped across my forehead. “Breathe, Madisyn. I know it hurts like hell, but you have to breathe.” Shut up! Please, everyone just shut the hell up. “How would you know how it feels?” I spit.
My voice is harsher than I intended, but I don’t have time to apologize. No sooner than the words pass my lips, the pain is back. This time it’s fiercer than before. The painful waves are more frequent, lasting longer than the last, and crippling my mind as the pain zips through my body from head to toe. “Declan’s right, Maddie. You have to breathe. I know all you’re trying to do is push through the pain, but you have to let oxygen into your lungs,” Keisha whispers next to my ear.
“I ca- can’t do this,” I gasp, holding tight to the bedrails of the hospital bed and bracing myself for the next round of torment. “Yes, you can,” she argues. “Look at me, Maddie.” Lowering my eyes from the beaming lights embedded into the ceiling, I stare directly into Keisha’s tear-filled, green eyes. “You are not a quitter. You are a Benson, and Bensons are fighters. We do not tolerate defeat. Now, just close your eyes, breathe, and think of him,” she encourages, pointing her finger up to the ceiling.
Think of him? He is all I’ve thought about since we arrived to the hospital. He’s the reason I refused any type of medicine to help ease my pain, hoping that somehow this pain would help me forget him, even if it’s only for a few hours. Instead, the last fourteen hours have been nothing but a constant reminder of him. He helped put me here. He should be here holding my hand and talking me through the pain, not Declan.
The promises he made to me, the vows we exchanged… all lies. He promised to be my life partner, to hold my hand and grow old with me. He avowed to never cause me pain. He lied. Once again, I’m engrossed with pain. This time it’s different, extremely vicious. Letting out a scream loud enough to shake the Earth, I squeeze Declan’s hand. “God, please… help me,” I cry out. Instantaneously, my body locks up, black and white floaters fill my vision, and warm, sticky liquid covers the inside of my thighs. “Oh, shit!”
 ≈About the Author
 Julie Bailes
Born and raised in Nashville, TN, wife of one, mother of three, and chocolate fanatic! Author of Shattered and Shaken, due to release mid September. I attend nursing school full time, but in my spare time I love spending time with my family watching movies, eating junk food, and every once in a while a girls night out on the town. I enjoy reading, even though I haven’t read much since I’ve began my journey as author. I live by the motto “Live life as if you’re dying, Laugh until your stomach hurts, Love until your heart stops beating, and never judge.” Simple rules to follow. We never know what someone else is going through or what they have been through. Life is too short to be angry, unforgiving, or depressed. Each day is a gift from God that can be taken at any given moment- embrace the gift of life….
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