January 20, 2015

⩫⩫Pre-Release Day Blitz⩫⩫Cartel by Lili St. Germain

Are you ready for Mariana’s story in this heart-wrenching NEW series!?
RELEASE DATE:  January 27th
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‘This isn’t a fairytale,’ Dornan said wryly, as he watched her bring the soup-soaked bread to her mouth.
She paused with the bread in her hand, looking around the room in mock surprise. ‘You mean, we’re not Beauty and the fucking Beast?’
He laughed.
‘Well, you’re certainly beautiful,’ he said.
‘And you’re definitely a beast,’ she countered, pushing her empty bowl away and resting back on the bed.
‘But there’s no happy ever after for you,’ Dornan added, his eyes trailing over the chains to reach the cuffs that were now permanent bracelets on her wrists.
‘No,’ she said evenly, matching his intense gaze. ‘Not for any of us. Not in this world.’ 
My name is Mariana Rodriguez.
I used to be just like you - a regular girl, with a regular life.
But it was all a lie.
Nothing about my life was normal.
It was all make believe.
It was good, while it lasted.
But now?
Reality's caught up to my family.
It was always just a matter of time.
Want more Cartel?  Read Chapter One HERE
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Lili Saint Germain

Lili writes dark romance, suspense and paranormal stories. Her serial novel, Seven Sons, was released in early 2014, with the following books in the series to be released in quick succession. Lili quit corporate life to focus on writing and so far is loving every minute of it. Her other loves in life include her gorgeous husband and beautiful daughter, good coffee, Tarantino movies and spending hours on Pinterest.

She loves to read almost as much as she loves to write.

{*}Release Day Blitz{*} Between Everything And Us by Rebecca Paula

Between Release Banner
Title: Between Everything And Us
Author: Rebecca Paula
Genre: New Adult
Release Date: January 20, 2015
Cover Design: Maggie Hall
Matisse Evans is determined to make her sophomore year of college successful after failing out of a prestigious art school and spending a horribly boring gap year at home. Despite her focus, time isn't on her side as she struggles to hold down three jobs so she can afford her first apartment while juggling course work. In the chaos of it all, Beau Grady moves in and shakes up her world. A college dropout and tattooed bad boy, the rumors about Beau mean one thing for Matisse—trouble. Paralyzed by the fear that she's missing out on life, Matisse discovers plans may unravel, but what rises in their wake can be worth the uncertainty. After spending the summer couch surfing, Beau Grady moves into an empty room at his ex-girlfriend’s Portland bungalow, skipping his senior year of college to spend his days working at a Vietnamese food cart instead. Once a star hockey player and gifted student, he’s put his life on hold after receiving a life-altering diagnosis, complacent to live in the moment. Hiding behind false rumors and bad habits, Beau falls for Matisse, letting her believe the worst until their relationship blooms into something they both can’t ignore. Falling for her means having to face a future he’d rather forget, but loving her just might be worth it.
Between Everything Cover
“I didn’t mean what I said the other night.” Mati spins around and tosses my T-shirt at my face. “And I guess I’m sorry for that.” She glances over my shoulder, biting her bottom lip as I snap the folded T-shirt against my shoulder. I laugh in spite myself. I’m a fucking wreck, but something about me intimidates her. I can’t figure her out. I stretch, pain radiating throughout my body as I do. I slip the shirt over my head and pull my shit together. “It’s whatever,” I say with a shrug. I try to play it off, grabbing the ratchet from her hand. Truth is, she was right, even if I didn’t want to hear it. Mati pads over to the tool bench I built with Noah. She pushes herself up to sit on it and places the giant sombrero from our party last weekend on her head. It swallows her up. It’s not that Mati is small—she’s tall and willowy—it’s just that I’ve always liked everything opposite before now. And I hate that it takes her wearing a stupid costume prop for me to figure that out. “I feel like I need a margarita with this on.” Mati straightens it, adjusting the strings underneath her chin. “Maybe a piƱata, too.” “Straight tequila would be preferable.” She swings her legs back and forth, humming along to the Black Keys. It’s a good thing she’s a painter; singing isn’t a strength of hers. But it’s cute and I hate myself for thinking so. “How are classes?” I don’t really care about the answer. I just want to hear her talk. “Oh, they’re fine, I think.” “You don’t know?” She stops swinging her feet. “Why do you care?” “Making conversation, Mati.” I walk around to the bench. “Since we’re talking to each other again.” A smile spreads across her lips, those red lips that I want to kiss. “Why are you upset?” she asks quietly. I swat my hand out and tip the sombrero over her eyes. “I’m fine.” It’s easier to lie when I don’t have to look her in the face. She straightens the hat. “Classes so far are a lot like my classes freshman year two years ago.” I skip the obvious question. Too many details and this impossible distance I’m trying to keep between us is going to be obliterated. “How’s that?” “Do you remember? It’s been so long since you went to class.” Her teasing washes away the panic seizing me again. “I wasn’t always a dropout. I remember fine.” “Then you remember they’re pointless.” Her voice grows sad. “What was your major, Beau?” I help her remove the massive sombrero instead of answering. I need exactly eight credits before I can graduate and start my masters for the accelerated program. I know my major—had a plan, even, had a purpose—but it’s not something I want to get into right now. It’s a far stretch ever imagining I could be a counselor responsible for guiding troubled teens on a hike when I can’t hold a damn wrench. She taps her index finger over the tip of my nose. “Always Mr. Mysterious.” I wonder if Mati has been drinking tequila because this isn’t like her. Usually her contempt toward me is blatant, not that I mind this Mati. This is who I was hoping the real Mati would be like if she ever paused for a minute from bowling over everything in her path. And that freaks me the fuck out—that today she’s quiet. “Forestry sciences. I wanted to be a wilderness education counselor.” I move the hat off to the side and help her down, my hand curling over her hip. “What’s your major again? Being a pain in my ass?” She rests her hand against my shoulder, not stepping away. “Charming as ever, too,” she whispers. I tell my hand to let go, but I only hold on tighter because she sways closer and bumps against me, lost studying my face. I want to stay here, feel this, watch her watching me forever. “What would you do if I kissed you right now?” Her eyes widen and shift focus to my mouth. They trace my lips until I have to fight back a groan. Mati gives the perfect fuck-me eyes. “It doesn’t matter—” She pauses, her fingers pressing hard into my shoulder. “—because we both know you won’t.” I slide my hand to the small of her back. My palm fits against the gentle curve there. “Mati?” “I don’t have time for this.” Her words tumble out in an awkward rush. “I don’t want complications.” My other hand slips up to rest against her stomach, cinching the fabric of her shirt in my fist. She slams her eyes shut at my touch, her breath escaping in staccato beats, mirroring my own. The garage smells like damp earth and oil, but I swear we’re standing out in the dark, lost in the woods under the endless cover of stars. Even though she’s right, even though I am a complication, I can’t shake the feeling in my gut that we’d be a good one. “You’re wrong,” I whisper. Her eyes pop open. “You’re exactly the type of girl who wants complications.” I rest my forehead against hers, her sweet coffee breath washing over my mouth. “And you have no clue what I want.”   
Rebecca writes smart and gritty New Adult romances, as well as historical romances, featuring flawed characters struggling to find their place in the world. She's a lover of rainy days, an unabashed anglophile, and a devote Earl Gray tea drinker. She lives in New Hampshire with her husband and their very spoiled cat, Bella. A wanderlust connoisseur, Rebecca can be caught daydreaming about her next travel adventure when not writing.
Everly cover

+*+Pre-Release Blitz+*+ (#TeaserTuesday) BEING JOLENE by Caitlin Kerry


Being Jolene (Tell Me, #2)
Caitlin Kerry
New Adult Romance – Can be read as a Stand-alone
Release Date: February 19, 2014


The first time Jolene meets a mysterious man wearing flannel, it’s a case of mistaken identity. The second time, they end up against the side of a bar. Third time’s a charm, right? Jolene Hayes finds herself spending the summer in the picturesque mountains of Idaho in order to avoid a past fling. It’s a perfect escape, except for the one problem that keeps popping up: a sexy backcountry pilot named Ty Harrison. Jolene tries her hardest to resist his scruffy beard and flannel wearing ways, but eventually rationalizes that a summer fling would just be like the rest of them—love ‘em and leave ‘em and move on with her life. Between these two are secrets that could tear them apart before they even get started, though. Life changes without warning, and dealing with the results leaves Jolene protecting her heart at all costs. Ty knows he is everything Jolene doesn’t want, but he can’t let go of the fiery siren. Throw in the element of wilderness, a small town where secrets can’t hide and the past repeatedly showing up on Jolene’s front porch, the promise of a summer fling becomes complicated.

Guest Post

My inspiration behind Being Jolene by Caitlin Kerry
When I start a story, or when I get an idea for one, usually there are three main points or themes that I want to explore. For Being Jolene, it was a few things. Jolene was a side character from my first book, Finding June, and I knew that her story would be next because in some ways, I didn’t really know Jolene and I wanted to know what made her tick. Here were the three things I focused on.
1.   The first point was the idea of a HEA. Now, don’t worry there is a HEA in this book, but I wanted to explore the idea that maybe HEA isn’t just the house and the kids and norm. HEA can be complicated, they take work. Jolene struggles with wanting a different HEA than everyone else’s. I don’t want to say too much without spoiling the book, but that was one theme.
2.   The Hero. Ty. Okay, so I live in Idaho and most of that time was spent in rural Idaho. There are a lot of cowboys here. I read about dreamy cowboys in books all the time. In real life? Yeah….a little bit different. And for me, a whole lot of no. I felt like there was a missing gap and that there are more than just the “western cowboy” in romance. For me, there is also the mountain man (outdoorsy type, lumberjack, ect) and that was my goal with Ty. And you guys, I swoon pretty hard over him. I can’t wait for you to meet Ty. He stole a little piece of my heart with his flannel and beard. (And he’s a freaking pilot! In the wilderness!)
3.   Switching the stereotype was the third theme. You could throw a dart blind and find a book with an alpha male who sleeps around and is a pro in bed and the woman has no experience. I wanted to switch that a bit. In this, Jolene is known for short and hot romances with men. She is a serial dater. Ty, while he is experienced, is more on the conservative side and I loved watching these two deal with it. At times, it’s messy, but worth it in the end. I have to say, I think Ty is a bit of a feminist ;)
Those were my running ideas through Being Jolene and from there the story grew. I can’t wait for you to read Jolene and Ty’s story, coming to you February 19, 2015!!

Finding June (Tell Me, #1)

Tell me your story.... June Rosewood followed the plan. College degree? Check. Longtime boyfriend who is possible husband material? Check. Finding a job after school? Working on it. Yet, it only took one emotionless conversation on a beach in Mexico for everything to fall apart. After running away for the summer, June’s back in Boise, can’t find a job and is stuck working as a waitress When June runs smack dab into Reece Day, her new coworker, she knows to stay far away from him. After being away from the town Reece grew up in, his journey has brought him back to where it all began. Reece is searching for forgiveness, but also stumbles upon the lively and smart mouthed June, who is so clearly lost in herself. Reece catches June's attention with his uncanny ability to always get under her skin, leaving her questioning what she really wants in life. Soon, June embarks on a journey of self-discovery to let go of the plan, because sometimes the unexpected surprises along the way are the most important and meaningful. Finding June is recommended for ages 17+ due to adult matters.

Caitlin Kerry is obsessed with the stories we tell. Her love of reading and writing led her to accomplish a goal she set for herself at the age of seventeen. She has a degree in History and Political Science and a Masters in Public Administration. Caitlin is an avid tea drinker, hopeful adventurer, lover of music and often finds the best medicine is the quiet of nature. When Caitlin isn't writing or reading she usually can be found enjoying the great outdoors with her geologist husband, always looking for the next adventure. She currently resides in Idaho. I love meeting new people. Feel free to say hi!  
Connect with Caitlin
Twitter: @CaitKerry | Instagram: Caitlove88