December 31, 2014

♥♥SPECIAL BLOG POST PART 2♥♥ Lexy's List of 2014


❤ First, A word of Thanks! ❤

It’s that time of the year or end of the year I should say, and what better way to close this Amazing year out than by sharing with you all some of my favorite books of 2014. First let me say that I had one helluva ride this year and I couldn’t be happier with all the ARC’s I received and the book signings I had the privilege to attend, even still a BIG THANKS to the money tree for I am INDEED A #OneClickAddict.  Everyone who knows little ol’ me knows that I FLOVE the EFF out of this book community that we all have established but I would not be here if it wasn’t for ALL the authors that I have come to know, read and love. I would not be here if it wasn’t for you all reading this now and I certainly would not be here or have as much fun if it wasn’t for my Blog Sista’s, my partners in crime and for that there are no words that can accurately convey the depths of my gratitude. So without further ado, here’s my list of My Best for 2014.


❤ ❤My Top Authors of 2014 ❤❤

Now I will say that this list is not really in any particular order of preference and there have been so many more great books I have read. However, when I think back with all the reading and crying, the laughter or the points where my heart was ripped from my chest, these books are the ones that stayed closest to me. Enjoy ❤


8. NINA LEVINE- Storm MC Series

OK. So many of us read MC novels and I’ve seen many MC series just gloss over the lifestyle, but NOT this series. Nina Levine has taken her readers through the tour of brothers that make up the Storm MC Club and provides you with all the gritty, sexy, suspenseful, well written and thought out plots that when you sit down to start from page one you’re hooked! Love me some Nina and Storm MC!! (Don’t forget about the ladies who take care of things on the home front, these bae’s aren’t ones to mess with!)  

Storm MC Book 4



7. Claire Contreras- Darkness Series 1&2

One word: COLE. The end.

Ok so I’m wordy. Check it. You want to read a beautifully written story that will rip your heart out, piece it together in a different way and make you fall head over heels in love? You want to read something classy and sexy, Here. You. Go. I wish I could share with you the chats with some of my favorite grown ass ladies ~~Shout Out Smut Moms~~ fighting over this man. Hysterical! I will love Cole and this story to the moon and back.


6. Belle Aurora- RAW

Yes. Of course this contraversial story was in my sights. Yes I devoured this in one sitting. Yes, I love Twitch. Man, how I love Twitch. Just thinking back about the things that made this book the one where EVERYONE was talking about it and you either loved it or hated it, no in between, it was TWITCH. Let’s not forget the premis of the story that takes you into the darkest, deepest feelings that should not have been explored, only to be mind warped and come out loving the villan. Well played Belle. Well played.



5. E.L. Montes- Perfectly Damaged

Perfectly Damaged, a stand-alone, is a story of fear and love, acceptance and loss. A deep rooted story that deals with a pretty hefty mental disorder making the reader open up his or her mind to preconceived notions of what normal really is. Perfectly Damaged is also a well written love story complete with tears and broken hearts swirling around dimensional characters that will make you swoon, sweat and squeeze the nearest person in effort to share with them what you have read!


4. Carmen Jenner- Sugartown Series

I am a Sugar Junkie!! I freaking love this author. Plain and simple, she is kick ass!! The Sugartown series is by far one of my most coveted collections. You are brought into a small Aussie town that is laced with some pretty crazy situations, lots of rollercoaster angst, maybe or maybe not some home-made porno movies, and pies. Lots of Pie. Oh and one tiny teeny ingredient, Elijah Cade. For all that’s holy in the pie crusts, this BBF will knock your bobby socks off and won’t give any excuses as to why he did it. It’ll be your job to just sit back and enjoy the ride, on a motorcycle of course.



3.Natalie Ward- Losing Me, Finding You

WOW! This book! My one wish would be for everyone to read this story. I have never read a story that made time travel and foreshadowing an addiction. LMFY is a story of a lifetime, that once in a life true love that makes you think you can endure any obstacle that comes your way! Definite tug of the heart strings.


2 Penelope Ward- StepBrother Dearest

This right here, now this story is ebbed into my soul. I have never read a story where every single emotion and physical feeling caused havoc on my body! There were times I was shaking, my hands were clammy, tears I mean TEARS streaming down my face! I was a complete wreck and FLOVED EVERY MOMENT IN THIS STORY!! Your stepbrother should always be off limits, But what happens when you can’t stay away? A great page turner of the taboo, Stepbrother Dearest will make you swoon, laugh, get hot and bothered and totally consume you.


1. Stylo Fantôme – The Kane Trilogy

I can’t say too much about this trilogy because then you might get the wrong idea and think that I really didn’t like it and why the heck this is even  on my list. Truth be told the main character Jameson is a tool. A complete jerk face. I hated him! I hated that he was so damn sexy. I hated that I wanted his hands around MY throat. WHOA wait. Um, TMI?? LOL J Where was I? Oh yes, Jameson broke me for all other BBF. If you like those romances where it’s all hearts and flowers, DO NOT pick this up. The Kane trilogy is so messed up and will take you to that dark seedy place you never knew you liked to hang out in and when you’re done reading you’ll wish that you could start all over again, completely new, just to revisit your new secret desires.



So I hope you enjoyed my thoughts! I wonder how many of my favorite stories of 2014 were also yours as well? Have a Happy and Safe New Year! Keep a look out for all the new things All Is Read will be doing in 2015!! And don’t forget to check out posts from Annie and Jamie to see what rocked their 2014 Book Lists!
With Love,

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