October 29, 2014

~~BOOK TOUR & REVIEW~~The Schwarzschild Radius by Gustavo Florentin

Scwarzchild Radius 
Title: The Schwarzschild Radius 
  Author:   Gustavo Florentin 
  Genre: Thriller 
  Publish Date:   9/23/2014 
  Publisher: Curiosity Quills Press 
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~ Book Synopsis ~
Rachel, an 18-year-old Columbia University student descends into the netherworld of runaways and predators to find her sister, Olivia, who has suddenly disappeared. After getting a job in a strip joint where Olivia worked, then doing private shows in the homes of rich clients, Rachel discovers that Olivia has been abducted by a killer who auctions the deaths of young girls in an eBay of agony. 

 As she closes in on the killer who's taken Olivia, Rachel becomes his next target.    

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Ancient Greek philosophers used a face-slapping technique to engrain a point in the student’s mind; here, it conveyed the truth that the girl was going to die.
          The Webmaster activated the camera, and Olivia Wallen’s image traveled across four continents. Her jet-black hair was cut in bangs across the forehead in the classic China-doll style. Her voluptuous American figure was incongruent with her Thai features and was accented by the red Brazilian bikini which offered a triangle of coverage in the crotch. 
          “Turn around,” said the voice. She did so, revealing the flawlessness of her back and legs.
          “The skin is like pearl,” said the Webmaster, now addressing the others via web cam. “As you like it in the East. She is five-feet six inches tall. Her measurements are 32-24-33.”
          The clients on the other side of the world were impressed. Men like Masutatsu Nakayama, Vladimir Zeitkin and Mohammad Qasim.
          Vladimir Zeitkin’s loyalty to Putin had won him his own oil company and now he spent his time competing with Paul Allen of Microsoft fame by building the biggest yacht in the world. He collected Greek and Roman statuary and Nazi art looted during World War II. But it took time to build mega-yachts and while the static images of paintings were sublime, the living, breathing art of torture, suffering and death redefined beauty.
          And there was Mohammad Qasim. There was little entertainment in Saudi Arabia despite his oil billions. He had taken pleasure for a while in abusing the Filipina housemaids he brought in for his entertainment and that of his friends. But that grew dull. He sponsored a small jihad organization and followed their exploits as he followed Manchester United, but blowing up anonymous infidels got repetitive.
          Now, without leaving his office, he could witness what surpassed even the public beheadings and honor killings he’d seen.
          Masutatsu Nakayama was a man for whom all things had become tiresome. Now retired from industry with an estimated fortune of two-billion dollars, he was on a quest for the few experiences he had left unvisited. And this site gave it to him.
          While other sex sites featured photos and videos, the Webmaster’s had live captives. He performed whatever the clients requested. And in the end, they always requested death. This left no doubt that the girls were not actors. The manner of death came from the depths of the subconscious. He had performed hangings, beheadings, electrocutions, tooth extractions, dismemberments. Occasionally they requested a boy, but usually it was a young girl. The clients voted on the type of victim, the race, age, even social standing. For some of these men, it was their first experience in democracy. Payment consisted of a wire transfer to a Cayman Islands bank account. Half due on winning the auction; half after delivery of the product. The clients paid an initial membership fee, then bid on what they wanted done to the victim. The abuse lasted until the clients agreed that it was time for execution. This, too, was put up for auction and only the winner received the final product. The winning bidder received the exclusive live stream and download of his request. It was the eBay of agony.

~My Review~
I can’t even describe the intensity of this book and how thoroughly I enjoyed reading it. The Schwarzschild Radius is a story of survival, perseverance, depravity and compassion.
Rachel is an 18 year old brilliant student at Columbia University whose life is turned upside down when her adopted sister Olivia mysteriously disappears. Frustrated with slow-moving and failed police efforts Rachel takes it upon herself to investigate the events leading up to Olivia’s disappearance; events that immerse Rachel into a world of prostitution, abuse, manipulation, pedophilia and some of the most inhumane, evil and vile behavior that you can fathom. She is in way over her head and sinking fast. In her pursuits for the truth she meets various individuals that will impact the choices leading to a fight for her own life. Father Massey, a man who preaches safety and compassion for homeless or runaway youth but holds a dark secret that he would kill to protect, Sonia a lost soul who sells her body for money to make ends meet, and Detective McKenna who will do anything in his power to stop whoever is behind the abduction and murders of the young girls.
This book is a rollercoaster of emotion, from fear to anger to disgust to sorrow and to bitter relief. The acts described in this book are not for the faint of heart but shows a side of mankind that while unfortunate and repulsive is easily believable. Florentin does an amazing job of keeping your heart racing throughout this book as well as keeping you guessing at who the mastermind is. With every new clue or sequence another layer is peeled back in this mystery and the reader falls further down the rabbit hole right alongside Rachel. I found myself many times clutching my kindle or holding my breath waiting for what would happen next. The writing in this story is fascinating and descriptive. Florentin describes the world of internet deviance and hacking with fine precision that doesn’t confuse the reader but rather enthralls them. This book is the ultimate story of survival and the bonds between family. Rachel does everything in her power to find her sister no matter the consequence; never losing hope and never turning back. She is both admirable and brave and I don’t think I have ever rooted more for a character then I did for Rachel. Her determination and fortitude is remarkable and only makes the reader that much more invested in plight to find her sister and stay alive in the process.
The Schwarzschild Radius is a thrilling, intense and emotional read that I could not put down.
~About the Author~

Gustavo Florentin was born in Queens, New York and received a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from the Polytechnic University of New York. He spent a decade in the defense industry working on the F-14 fighter jet and classified electronics projects. After the fall of the Soviet Union, many thought America wouldn't need weapons anymore, so while others waited for the peace dividend, he moved on to the financial sector in New York where he is currently a network engineer. His passions include violin, travel to exotic places and exploring worldwide conspiracies. He lives in New Jersey where he is working on his third novel. His thriller, In the Talons of the Condor, won the following awards: WUACADEMIA--Prix d'Or Best Novel The Verb First Chapter Contest--First Prize Mount Arrowsmith Best Novel 4th place The Writing Show--Second Prize best first chapter of a novel. Second Prize--2014 International Latino Book Awards    

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