October 28, 2014

*^*Cover Reveal*^* Teacher's Pet by Emerson Black

Release Date: February 3rd, 2015


Teacher's Pet Synopsis:
Once upon a time I thought fairy tales could come true.
I believed that women were beautiful, and loyal creatures, that one day in the distant future I would share my life with her.
She was beautiful. The bright light she held within her could light up a room. She was my world.
Then we lost the one person who would always bond us together.
And I was forced to let her go.
I retreated.
Running hundreds of miles from the small town life we both once knew to teach at
a university I only dreamt of attending as a teenager.
I made the co-ed’s my hobby.
Work mixed with pleasure and my pleasure became a way for them to grab an easy A.
My obsession merely curbed by a warm body for the night.
That was until Everleigh walked into my classroom and changed everything.

About the Author
Emerson Black is a New England based Indie newcomer. Residing in a small college based town and teaching full time at a local University.
Emerson enjoys long walks on the beach, candlelit dinners, and a good BDSM based bribe.
Some of Emerson's favorite writers include Steinbeck, Nicholas Sparks, and Kitty Thomas.
All work and lots of fun makes Emerson the teacher all the students follow

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