October 7, 2014

**+**Series Tour**=** Unsettled Series by S. C. Ellington

Title: Unsettled Series
Unsettled (BK 1); Surrounded (BK 2)
Author: S.C. Ellington

After a horrific breakup with her longtime boyfriend, Brooklyn Caldwell is completely disenchanted with the notion of mingling with the opposite sex. Damon Williams had been everything she thought she wanted…until he wasn’t.

In an attempt to escape her heartbreaking past, Brooklyn seeks refuge in bustling Washington, D.C. where she folds into the fast-paced society unnoticed…until she meets a young entrepreneur, Logan Colton.

Brooklyn is surprised to find that while she has been successful in keeping the opposite sex at bay, somehow she is defenseless against Logan’s confidence and charm—and it doesn’t hurt that he is absurdly beautiful.

As much as Logan didn’t plan on pursuing her, he is drawn to Brooklyn’s muted beauty and her witty persona. For all his success, Logan is ensnared in the coveted world of unequivocal wealth and power, but behind closed doors is taunted by his own demons and an undeniable need to atone for a monumental mistake.

As the two embark on a tumultuous obstacle course saturated with unknown twists and turns, Brooklyn is left to question whether she can endure the journey ahead.


Everything was falling into place. Even amongst all the chaos of Washington D.C., Brooklyn and Logan found each other.

Brooklyn never expected Logan...and as it always seems to happen with her...things fell apart. She has been through this before...was she strong enough to do it again?

On the outside, Logan was the epitome of wealth and confidence. Many knew his name but few knew his secrets. He never expected Brooklyn...but now she's walked away. He knew what they shared mattered to her...and she...she mattered to him more.


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Prep Materials:

1.  Box of tissues  2. Alcohol   3. Punching Bag  4. Ice Cream 
5. Stuffed animal to cuddle

If you have gathered the materials in the above list then you are ready for the double feature review of the Unsettled Series by S.C. Ellington. Trust me you will need every item, maybe not exactly in that order though.

Meet Brooklyn Caldwell, she has been hurt, cheated on, lied to and has experienced one of the deepest losses anyone can. Brooklyn is broken by her standards, untrusting and will never love anyone like she did her a-hole ex-boyfriend Damon.

Enter stage left, Logan Colton. He is sexy, accomplished, rich, can have any girl he wants; and he wants Brooklyn. When this two seemingly meet by chance and then yet again by what could only be fate; Brooklyn will be confronted with the decision to give love another chance or protect what is left of her wounded heart.

There is a lot that happens over the span of these two books. In book 1 “Unsettled” we are introduced to Brooklyn and what is her current life situation. We meet her friend Alex and Alex’s boyfriend Jay, we see her struggle through her unsatisfactory job and deal with her craptastic boss and we learn about her painful past. But there is something else we learn in book 1. We learn that Brooklyn is a survivor, and that Brooklyn despite her experience with love still has a big heart. One that is indeed willing to take a leap of faith on the hottie CEO who is determined to win her over. 

Logan is more than meets the eye, not one for long lasting relationships and being hurt himself he can’t help but be drawn to Brooklyn. She is different, refreshing, and normal and all the things he needs/wants in his life. But Logan has a painful past too and the struggle he has opening up to Brooklyn is so maddening that it may have you using items #2 and #3 on said list above. 

Logan and Brooklyn’s relationship begins to take shape in book 1 but not without its drama, cue ex-douchecanoe Damon, a few gossiping bimbettes and guilt over a horrific event and you have yourself a recipe for some real angst. Brooklyn has to move on from her past and face the one person that broke her as well as deal with her trust issues. Logan has to come to terms with a burden he has been carrying around since he was a child and this is where book 1 takes you on tailspin of emotion that will literally hurt your heart, proceed with caution and use item #1, #4 and #5.

And now we go to book 2 “Surrounded” where the stakes are raised and the emotions are on high. After a dramatic turn of events in book 1 we are left with Logan and his pursuit of Brooklyn in hopes to save the love they have come to build. In book 2 we get the added bonus of Logan’s POV which I thought was a nice touch. I wanted inside Logan’s head and book 2 laid out the red carpet into that brain of his.

We are thoroughly introduced to some more characters including Logan’s best friend Trevor and his family. We gain more insight into the family dynamics of the Coltons and in this book Logan is the one truly facing his demons. We see a stronger side to Brooklyn as well as her loyalty and love for Logan. She finally takes the big leap into their relationship and commits to making it work. BUT of course we still need some more drama and we get it. The emotions in book 2 are intense; there is a high level of guilt, love and resentment. Logan’s demons are unyielding and Brooklyn’s efforts to breakthrough are sometimes met with a concrete wall. You will feel every ounce of emotion in this book. There is a scene towards the end with Logan and his father, I don’t want to spoil it but I nearly came apart. It is both sad and beautiful and if you didn’t use item #1 yet this will certainly make you require it. The scene is both raw and powerful and executed perfectly.

I enjoyed this series. I liked how book 1 focused more on Brooklyn while book 2 focused more on Logan yet each part enhanced the relationship between the two characters. The writing is filled with a variety of tender moments, spicy passionate moments, humor and some quick-witted comebacks and references that will have you suffering from the giggles. An entertaining and heartfelt good read.

S.C. Ellington is an African American author who enjoys expressing her creativity through frequently writing adult, contemporary romance novels that readers can relate to, but more importantly, enjoy.

Aside from writing, Ellington enjoys curling up with her e-reader and absorbing herself in novels loaded with emotion, desire, and passion. She also likes to spend sunny, wistful afternoons, in her hammock thinking up new ideas for great stories. Her debut novel, Unsettled was generated while consuming her favorite snacks--hot chocolate and popcorn.

Ellington currently resides on the west coast with her beautiful Keurig, family and loving friends.


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