December 17, 2014


On The Floor (Second Story Book 1)

Jennifer LaCross

Publication Date: April 24. 2014



Who knew that working together and living on the same floor with the guy of her dreams would be so hard?

Well, everyone. When Juilliard hopeful, Rachel Harris, loses her mother in her senior year of high school, everything changes. Taking care of her family becomes her top priority, her own happiness falling to the wayside. The way she knows it has to be… Jake Price has had family issues of his own, leaving him incapable of having anything more than a physical relationship. When Rachel meets Jake on the dance floor, sparks fly, and fires burn, but he walks away with no more than a simple thank you. The way he knows it has to be… But fate can twist the best of intentions. When Jake shows up the next day as Rachel’s new co-worker, they reluctantly decide to put aside their attraction for each other so they can work as friends. Just friends … right? Will Rachel and Jake be able to figure out how to work together, be together, and open up to each other? Or will the past destroy everything they have built together? This is the first book in the Second Story series.

(*) Some of the material in On the Floor may be considered inappropriate for readers under 17.



I thought I’d left this behind—the feeling that I’m just a big mess of need and want and desire, and that Jake is the only one who can fulfill me. My smile is gone and my lips are parted, all control I had over my body is gone. I’ve stopped moving to the music as I watch him strum.

I’m mesmerized.

I watch, captivated by his fingers as they glide and move across the fret as he plays. I imagine those talented fingers on me, starting in my hair and dancing down the side of my face before they touch my lips. They continue to slide down my body—my neck, the sides of my breasts, my hips, my thighs. They grip me, make my body tremble and my need swell.

My breathing is shallow and my heart is racing as those gifted fingers play the slower portion of the solo. I look up from his hands and into his eyes that are no longer closed—now they’re open and glazed over, focusing right on me. He releases his bottom lip from between his teeth, running his tongue along it as he tries to hide a smile. It’s obvious that he knows he just made love to me with his music and that I loved every minute of it.

With each shallow breath, I want him—I need him.

And he knows it.






Jennifer LaCross
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Jennifer is a married mother of three. She lives in Southern California with her husband, three young children, mother, and their dog.

When she is not chasing around her kids, she enjoys reading, writing, and baking.


Twitter: @author_JLaCross





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