February 19, 2015


Cover reveal

All is read has always loved and supported, the resident queen of smut Kendall Grey, and it is an honor for us to be able to bring to you the cover reveal for her upcoming 4th book in the hard rock harlots series, ROCK.

By now, you may have heard that Kendall Greys newest Hard Rock Harlots installment is entitled ROCK. Today, were sharing the cover of the book. Or should we say covers?

Since the uncut version probably wont make it past the book police at the big retailers [*snarf*], Kendall created a censored and an uncensored version of ROCK's cover. Originally, she thought the uncensored one was better, but considering the nature of the story, she changed her mind.

 "The censored cover fits the tone of the book perfectly and sends a clear message. Theres a lot of symbolism hiding beneath the surface there. ~

SO????  What do you think? Censored or uncensored?
Stay tuned tomorrow to find out what ROCK is all about. The book description is coming your way then!
If youd like to read chapter one of ROCK the day before it releases, Kendall will send it to her newsletter subscribers on March 2. 

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If you havent started reading the Hard rock harlots series, here are the links for the first 3 books.

Kendall Grey is the self-appointed past, present, and future president of the Authors Behaving Badly Club. A whale warrior and indie freedom fighter, she spends summers in the corner (usually with a dunce cap on her head) and winters hunched at the peak of Mt. Trouble, fiery pens of fury (complete with invisible ink) flying across the pages. She has a big set of cajones, and shes not afraid to use them. In her spare time, Kendall speaks your mind so you dont have to.
Kendall lives off a dirt road near Atlanta, Georgia, but dont hold that against her.

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