September 8, 2015

*^*Release Day Blitz*^*The Year I Became Isabella Anders by Jessica Sorensen

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Happy Release Day to Jessica Sorensen and her new YA book, The Year I Became Isabella Anders! Make sure to enter the giveaway for a signed paperback of this book! #NewSeries #TopFave
The Year I Became Isabella Anders
Isabella Anders has always been the girl that never fit in. Most days she feels invisible, especially when she’s around her older sister, Hannah, who catches the eye of everyone, including Kai and Kyler, the boys who live next door.
Isabella has had a crush on Kyler for years, but knows he’ll never see her as anything more than Hannah’s little sister, unless she finds a way to standout.
When Isabella gets an offer from her grandmother to travel overseas for the summer, she seizes the opportunity, hoping she’ll discover more about herself. And she does, but not in the way that she expected.
Three months later, Isabella returns home an entirely new person. The change is enough to catch both Kyler and Kai’s attention. But Isabella is still struggling with what she discovered over the summer and until she deals with the truth, she’ll never truly be herself.
Cover Created by Sarah Hansen Okay Creations
Photography by Lauren at Perrywinkle Photography
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Cold rain instantly soaks through my clothes as I skip down the driveway, moving awkwardly, because I can’t bend one knee. I don’t care though. Rain is awesome. And it smells so great. Seriously, if I could, I’d skip around in the rain all the time. My hair is drenched by the time I reach the sidewalk, and the flip-flops splash water from the puddles all over the backs of my legs. It reminds me of this one time Kai and I walked home in the rain and we intentionally splashed in all the puddles. “Isa! What are you doing?!” Someone shouts with a hint of laughter in their voice. My head whips to the side as I stumble to a stop. Kai is standing out on the side deck, beneath the shelter of the roof, and I think he might be laughing at me, but the veil of rain crashing from the cloudy sky makes it difficult to see. “Going to the paint store!” I shout then wave at him and start to skip off again. “Are you crazy?” he calls out. “You can’t walk to town in the middle of a rainstorm.” I sigh and slow down again. “I’m not walking! I’m skipping!” My eyelashes flutter against the rain. “Can’t you wait until it at least stops raining?” he asks, shaking his head as I jump into a puddle. “No way! It’s either the rain or being in the house with Hannah. And I choose the rain. Besides, rain is awesome!” I can hear him laughing all the way from over here. “Would you get your ass over here?” He waves at me to come to him. “I’ll drive you if you really want to go. But it’s too damn cold for you to be playing around in the rain, no matter how cute you look.” Cute? Did he just call me cute?  
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    I have never started reading a story and from the first few minutes hate what I am reading! I wanted to jump into my kindle and strangle almost every character, and that was just in the first chapter. Well I really didn’t hate the story. Hold on a minute, let me back up a few keyboard clicks and start over.
    The Year I became Isabella Anders reads to me like a twist on a mixture of Shakespearean plays and Cinderella. Only except for the wicked step mother and her brats who despise Cinderella, Isabella Anders has just one brat of a sister, a horrible mother and also father! These characters are hateful people and I hope they get what’s coming to them in the following book. If I could write to kill them off I would not be upset to do so.
     Poor Isabella, outcast to most, in the summer before her senior year she is fortunate enough to go on a soul releasing trip with her cousin and Grandmother; finding out about herself while traveling through a European vacation, Isa’s cousin makes it her mission to help Isa have some fun and learn to be herself comfortably. The journey Isa takes is one that is inspiring and relatable and totally made me happy for her but also sad knowing that the family she has to return to will still treat her horribly. Upon learning secrets about her past Isa hooks up with her next door neighbor to help find the answers she needs.
    I loved the relationships Isabella has with the neighboring brothers. Confused as to whom she really has feelings for, It will be interesting to say the least who she decides to stick with but for now I like how the image Kyler and Kai have of Isabella is starting to change.
    Ms. Sorenson has added another great start of a series to her impressive resume and if you enjoy YA stories that have a hint of romance, some suspense, and is capable of invoking a range of emotions while reading, grabbing The Year I Became Isabella Anders is one for you with a quick plot flow that leaves you wondering which way you’ll be taken in the next book.
~~ I was given an Advanced Readers Copy in exchange for my honest experience. 

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Jessica Sorensen is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author from the snowy mountains of Wyoming. When she's not writing, she spends her time reading and hanging out with her family.

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