December 28, 2015

**Jamie's Top 10 of 2015**

It’s the time of year in the reading world where all book worms reflect on their past year of reading.  Putting lists together, of their favorites, that seems every year gets harder, and harder to compile.  2015 is no different.  

I have had so many books stand out to me this year, and just when I thought I had my list compiled, a few more snuck right in.  Last year my list stopped at 10.  This year the only way I can possibly do that is to list my top 10 authors. 

** Some are listed with single books and some are listed with their series.  They aren’t in any particular order, so higher or lower on the list means absolutely nothing. **

M. Mabie
Mo is the author of the Wake Series.  Bait, Sail, and Anchor.  This series is in my top favorites of all time and all 3 of these books that I read this year are “freezer worthy”. Casey is top shelf book boyfriend material.  Seriously, he is at the top of my book boyfriend list and if you have read these books then you know why.  And if you haven’t, I suggest you don’t waste any time doing so.  

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Meghan March
Meghan is the author of the Beneath Series, Flash Bang, Hard Charger, and The Dirty Billionaire Trilogy.  She has had a crazy year writing, publishing 5 novels, and 1 novella. I love Meghan's alpha's and her extremely strong heroines.  They always give the men a run for their money.  There is absolutely no way that you will make be choose which one would be my favorite.  It won’t happen.

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Brittainy C. Cherry

Brittainy is the author of novels such as Loving Mr. Daniels, Art and Soul, and one of my top reads of the year, The Air He Breathes.  As I said in my review, this book fell into my lap when I needed it the most.  It’s a beautiful poignant novel, and I demand everyone read it.

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Alex Lucian
Tempting was everything I look for in a book, AND it was written by a brand new author! This student/teacher romance has EVERYTHING I look for in a book. Strong characters, a strong plot with depth in the story line, and dannng is it steamy!  I cannot wait to read more from Alex Lucian!

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Celeste Grande
Celeste Grande came storming into my literary scene with Live Me.  My friend Lexy told me straight away that this is a book that needs to be read.  Celeste is a literary gem.  A debut author that writes as well as a seasoned one, I was drawn in to Live Me from the get go, into Blake and Eva’s story, and when the end came; it was too soon.  This book still has me in its clutches.  Which is why Live Me is in my Top 10.

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Amy Daws
Amy Daws snuck in right under my nose.  She is the author of the London Lovers Series, and when I saw the cover for Not The One, I knew I needed it.  When Amy reached out to me the deal was sealed.  The very first sentence of the prologue pulled me under.  I fell in love with Reyna.  I fell in love with London.  And I fell in love with Amy Daws.  And although Not The One is listed as the fourth book in the London Lovers series, I read it as a standalone.  I had no idea at first, that there were previous books in the series.

Carmen Jenner
I have been dying to read Carmen for a loooonnnng time.  So finally when I had a break in my blog reading I dove straight in to Sugartown.  I was not prepared for what I found in Carmen’s writing.  I mean with a name like Sugartown you would think light and easy, right?  Carmen has a way of making you believe things are smooth sailing, and then packs a whole emotional hurricane into the stories and off you go into uncertain waters where anything can happen.  Now Leaving Sugartown is the last book in the Sugartown series, and it really grabbed me on a personal level.  It deals with some real things that I have dealt with and this book is everything to me.

Mandi Beck

Mandi gave me Deacon.  Okay, okay, she gave us all Deacon.  Before I read Love Hurts, I had never read anything with an MMA Fighter, and I LOVED it.  I fell in love with alpha Deac, and the princess.  I fell in love with the whole Love family, and I waited on baited breath until the second book Love Burns came out.  These two books need to be read. 

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Karina Halle
I have always loved Karina’s writing.  She is a phenomenal author that can cross genres seamlessly, and although I love her dark books, I fell in love with her contemporary side this year.  It started with Love, in English and Love, in Spanish, but I fell hard for The Pact, The Offer, and ultimately with Lachlan and Kayla in The Play.  Lachlan is a Scottish Rugby player who devotes much of his time saving stray dogs from the streets.  I have a huge soft spot for animals and this book and its hero fed that part of me.

Kristen Ashley
I finally dove in head first to KA when another author insisted I do so. (Meghan March).  Truth be told, the only reason I waited so long is because I was so unsure of where to start.  It needs to be said that once you start reading one Kristen Ashley book, you won’t be able to stop.  One turns into 2, and then 3, and before you know it, you have tripped and fell down the KA rabbit hole into the land of possessive Alpha’s and sassy, strong heroines.  I have read from three series this year and that is why they are all listed. LOL, I couldn’t pick just one book, because they are all so amazing.

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Bonus:  Calia Read

Calia Read gave me (us) Ruin You Completely at the beginning of the year, I love the previous Sloans’ and Mathias was no different.   Calia totally flipped me on my head when I got an ARC of her newest novel Unhinge (doesn’t release until January). This book has given me the biggest book hangover of the year.  And even though the release date is January 12, I had to add it to my list.  I haven’t been able to pick anything up since, and the outlook doesn’t look good on picking up another book in the near future either.  I have gone back through passages and reread parts of Unhinge, and I can NOT wait for everyone else to get their hands on it so I have people to discuss it with.  And when it goes live, you can expect that I will be screaming it from the roof tops!

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  1. I'm so honoured my books made this list! And I'm so glad you loved Sammy and Pepper's journey, sweetness! =D Thank you so much!