The main goal at All Is Read is to be honest and supportive in helping bridge that gap between reader and author. Whether that author is Indie published, Traditionally published, a working Poet, or a Short Story Artist, all the words from all the genres are welcomed on my site.
 Bottom Line. 

All Is Read is an American based solo Book Snobbish (meaning I read what I want and not always what is trending) blogger who likes to read whatever fancies my appetite at any given time. Always looking for that "newbie" author; I love to be introduced to up and coming stories that inspire me and make me feel all the emotions of the written word. 

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Thank You for hanging out. Now grab that cup of { insert drink of choice :-) } and Enjoy. 

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  1. I just wanted to say thank you for reviewing Drowning to Breathe! That means so much to me. And the blog is absolutely gorgeous!