May 23, 2015


London Bound (London Lovers #3)
by Amy Daws
Release Date: May 14, 2015

***After falling in love with "us" in the first two installments of the London Lovers Series,'s Leslie's turn in this spicy series stand alone.***

When Leslie Lincoln, a spunky, red-headed American, suffers an awkward moment with an arousingly-sexy British man—she thinks her life can't get any more pathetic. 

She's done with men. 
She doesn't need them. 
She especially doesn't need their muscular thighs. 
No siree, she's going to forget all about the brooding, complicated, and seductive "Theo" who captivated her on the dance floor of a London nightclub. 

Keep telling yourself that, Lez..... 

Immersing herself into a new type of romantic cleanse, Leslie thinks she'll never lay eyes on Theo again. But somehow, he's managed to bulldoze his way back in—her cheetah-print onesie pajamas be damned. 

He wants more. 
She wants to run. 
But he can’t seem to let her go.

Both of them have a past—and neither want to share. 

How can love possibly survive in darkness?



I shake my head and turn toward the wall, feeling physically unable to face Theo. All I can picture is his lips on that blonde bimbo, and it’s nauseating. Not to mention, I’m certain I look like a hot mess of runny makeup and tears.
“Leslie.” He says my name softly. I brace my fingertips on the wall for support, just to give me something to focus on besides Theo’s face. “Leslie,” he utters again, reverently.
I laugh pathetically. “You showed me,” I croak in a high-pitched tight sound. “You said you’d show me ‘nice’ and boy did you.” I sniff loudly and try to clear my gravelly voice.
“I didn’t want to show you anything!” He presses his front to my back, mirroring my braced hands on the wall, encasing me. I can feel the intense rise and fall of his chest and I shiver at his close proximity.
“I just wanted to wake you the fuck up!” His breath tickles the hair on my head. 
“I’m awake,” I giggle sadly, biting my lip. “Who is that girl?”
“No one.”
“You like kissing no ones, do you?" I roll my eyes even though he can’t see them.
 “I like kissing you,” he says, slowly. “I more than like kissing you, Leslie.” He removes his hand from the wall and grabs my waist softly, turning me to face him. His rough hands on my exposed torso send intimate shooters through my core. I look sideways, unable to make eye contact.
“Can’t you see this, Leslie?” he pushes my bangs away from my eyes. “Can’t you see this as something more? Don’t you feel it?” I shake my head, willing my chin not to wobble. I’m scared shitless right now. Scared of what this could be. Scared of what it could turn into. Scared of letting myself have hope.

Amy Daws is a goof of epic proportions. She enjoys making dumb videos and laughing at herself...a lot. It gets awkward. She thinks she should have tried her hand at improv theater but figured she'd learn how life looks behind the lens of a camera first. 

She also thinks talking about herself in the third person isn't awkward at all. 

Amy lives in South Dakota with her husband, Kevin, and their miracle daughter, Lorelei. The long-awaited birth of Lorelei is what inspired Amy’s first book, Chasing Hope, and her passion for writing. 

Amy's contemporary romance books are a part of the The London Lovers Series and currently have two installments out with more to come. Her writing style is emotional and self-deprecating with awkward humor sprinkled in. Basically, if she makes you cry happy and sad tears...she's achieved her goal. Extra points if you have to blow your nose. 

Amy's inspiration for writing is and always will be her six precious angel babies and her daughter, Lorelei. On most nights, you can find Amy and her family dancing to Strawberry Shortcake’s theme song or stuffing themselves inside children’s-sized playhouses because there is nothing they wouldn’t do for their little miracle.

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