September 10, 2014

Tour Stop ~ Review and Giveaway ~ Paranormal Romance ~ Justine Winter

  Sapphire's Divinity (Nature's Destiny, #2)Sapphire's Divinity by Justine Winter
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A Promising series that gets better with each book.

In Sapphire’s Divinity, we are once again thrust into the new life of Luna, newbie werewolf, with powers she didn’t even know she possessed.

Before you even begin to read this review, if you haven’t read book 1, Nature’s Destiny, you need to. It does start off a little bit slow, but stick with it, you’ll be so happy you did because by the end you’ll be gripping the sides of your reading device.

Then comes Sapphire’s Divinity, set against a new setting with new dangers, you forget that the timeline actually is only over a month. Justine’s writing takes you to a different place, and all you can do is sit back and enjoy the ride. There is such description that you can’t possibly say you don’t connect with the characters and the story.

A setting so original, yet the same shape-shifter mindset. If you like werewolves and their bonding of their pack, the breakthrough of finding who you are and who you’re meant to be, then this series is for you.

Let me say that book three should take us for a nice little run and I am curious as to how far I am about to travel!
A howling good time!!

I  was  a  hybrid  werewolf  with  a  secret  destiny  shadowed  by  a  prophecy  the  Ancient  Guardians  foretold.  The  same  Ancient  Guardians  that  had  organised  the  annual  Alpha  summit  Riley  had  been  summoned  to.
Since  Jackson’s  demon  threat  everyone  was  powered  up  on  overtime  at  the  gym.  Train,  sweat,  repeat.  Train,  sweat,  repeat.But  all  that  rage-filled  preparation  wasn’t  enough.  We  were  being  targeted  by  something  new,  and  it  didn’t  stop  there.The  summit  was  proving  to  be  my  nemesis.  Egotistical  morons  challenged  me  with  threats  to  the  one  I  loved,  and  I  knew  I  couldn’t  endure  a  life  without  Riley.Besides  all  of  that,  there  was  one  thing  I  was  finally  understanding  about  the  supernatural.  Nothing  was  as   it  seemed.Not  even  me.

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I’ve always lived a life based on my imagination, from hopeless dreams of romance to concocting alternate realities involving supernaturals. I’m completely fascinated with anything hero-related, and often speculate which superpower I’d possess. I haven’t settled on one yet.
I was born in England, and currently reside in Wales, UK. I love to write, and most days you’ll find me happily tapping away at the computer whilst in my pyjama-clad bubble. I also spend my time reading, and if that isn’t enough I’m often in the kitchen baking up a treat.

Goodreads  -

Every Alpha needs a Beta. Just like Riley depends on Nick and Shane, I’m offering the chance for two lucky readers to become Beta’s for the next book in the series. What does that mean? It means YOU get to read the next story before anyone else AND tell me what you think! Sound like fun? It should be! Good Luck!

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~*~ Promo Post ~*~ Tectonic (Double Blind Study Book 3) by Heidi Hutchinson


Author: Heidi R Hutchinson 
Published: August 28th, 2014 
Genre: Contemporary romance  


No matter how solid something seems, if enough pressure is applied, hearts and lives will shift. Shane Brookings, passionate surfer and accomplished athlete, was not a rock star, as much as he tried to represent himself as one throughout most of his adulthood. Mostly, Shane had always been kind of a jackass. A talented jackass, but still. So it really came as no surprise to him that the only two women he had seen a future with, chose actual rock stars to hitch themselves to. Feeling cold and hollow, he returned to California to focus on growing his brand. Determined to now stay serious about his life choices, he never anticipated Greta O'Neil's blatant shove into his life. Greta O'Neil, avid artist, surfer chick, and baby sister to a rock star, had a life that was anything but boring. Having a knack for pulling sad men out of their funk, she sets her talents on Shane Brookings. She has no intention of breaking her rules, which include getting too close, letting him in, and accidentally falling for the guy. But Shane is not like her other projects. Not only is he built like a Greek god, he's hardworking, passionate, clever and heroic. (Not that he believes any of those things about himself.) The rules she has so firmly set down to protect herself, are more than shaken up with Shane's every push into her life. Even as they both compromise to make room in their hearts for the other, outside forces put pressure on their burgeoning relationship. Shane's dream is put into jeopardy, ex-lovers surface at the worst moments, and their own faults threaten to violently tear them apart.  



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Heidi Hutchinson was born in South Dakota and raised the exact right distance away from the Black Hills. She had an overactive imagination very early on, and wasted no time in getting most of her friends in trouble due to her unrealistic and completely ridiculous ideas. Seeing as she was so lazy and also afraid people would think she was bonkers, she didn't write down any of the story lines that played out in her daydreams. During her high school years, she took pen to paper and filled more notebooks than she is proud of with angsty, depressing, self-depreciating poetry. This led to her writing down more things: notes, ideas, character bios, plot twists that had no plot yet to twist. After years of cleaning up her own scraps of imagination with nothing solid to hold on to, she sat down and wrote the story that had been in her head the longest. Fueled by coffee and her unwavering and perfectly normal devotion to Dave Grohl, she discovered a writer living inside of her. She still lives in the Midwest, though not as close to the Black Hills as she would prefer, with her alarmingly handsome husband and their fearless child. They eat more pizza than God intended and she listens to her music the same way she lives: loudly.  



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~ Book Blitz ~ Unbalanced (No Rival # 3) by Charity Parkerson

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Title: UNBALANCED (No Rival, #3)
Author: Charity Parkerson
Release Date: July 30, 2014
Genre: Romantica® contemporary romance from Ellora’s Cave



Using unmatched skill and intelligence, Kurt captures the attention of every partner he desires. His ability to confuse his prey keeps them captivated. This trick has never failed him. That is, until he meets McKenna. As an author, McKenna has gone to great lengths to ensure the details of her erotic books are airtight. When Kurt challenges one of her scenes, she doesn’t hesitate to take up his offer to prove his theory. The bad boy MMA fighter appeals to her on every level. Kurt’s intelligence stimulates her mind even as his touch sets her body on fire. In spite of those things, McKenna has no intention of adding her name to his list of ex-lovers. McKenna’s odd behavior exasperates Kurt. She is an addiction he cannot shake. But somehow the two of them make the combination of his OCD logic and her unbalanced nature work. Inside Scoop: There are a couple hot but brief male/male encounters as well as a handcuff scene that may have you reaching for the fan.

She wasn’t wearing shoes. Funnily enough, it was the first detail about her that caught his eye. At a table, in public, Kurt found her shoeless state odd. There were a thousand tiny things about her he should have noticed first. Without a doubt, her plain black t-shirt, yoga pants and the overall lack of effort toward her appearance allowed her to blend into the background. It shouldn’t have mattered. Kurt wasn’t usually so blind. None of those points stole an ounce of power from her beauty. There wasn’t a hint of makeup marring her face. Blonde curls piled on her head held in place by some sort of clip. Something about her eyes held him captivated. They were unfocused as they moved across the pages of the book she held between her hands. In spite of that, he felt sure she absorbed every word, only on a different plane than others would. He moved closer. The lack of footwear became an obsession. Curiosity ate at him. He needed to know why. The coffee shop located inside a G. Richards’ Bookstore had a sign posted clearly on the front door. “No shoes. No service.” Once Kurt managed to snag the chair directly across from her, he bent at the waist. Under the guise of dropping a napkin, he peered under the edge of her table. Suspicions confirmed. His brows drew together in a frown as he sat up. After a moment of staring at the corner, he couldn’t stand it any longer. “Your feet are bare.” Lifting her gaze from the book between her hands, she blinked several times. He could practically see her dragging her mind away from whatever cloud it was on. “What?” “Your feet,” he repeated. “They have no shoes on them.” “Oh. I’d forgotten.” She immediately dismissed him by returning to her reading. “You’re inside a business. They serve food.” She didn’t bother glancing his way as she responded. “If that bothers you, I won’t mention the state of my underwear.” He had to know. “Did you forget those, as well?” That got her attention. A line formed between her eyes as if his question was too stupid for her to fathom. “How does someone forget their underwear?” “How does a person forget their shoes?” He shot back. Tilting her head to one side, she seemed to think it over for a moment before responding. “Is this a trick question?” Kurt scoffed as he reminded her of the obvious. “You’re not wearing them.” Her mouth turned up in one corner in such a way his gaze immediately shot to her lips. “I’m aware.” Unable to keep the exasperation from his voice, Kurt sighed. “You said you’d forgotten your shoes. It stands to reason then, you would know how one goes about it.” Setting her book aside, she nodded slowly as if giving his theory due consideration. “Your logic is sound,” she admitted after a moment. Finally, they were getting somewhere. She immediately ruined it by adding, “Except, I said no such thing. Therefore, I cannot help you.” There was a moment where he had nothing. He couldn’t recall a single incident where anyone had caused his mind to go blank. His brain was always on the move, slightly dissatisfied with his lot. She’d wiped him clean. Her blue eyes focused on him fully as if awaiting his next move. When he wasn’t quick enough, she released a heavy sigh. “If you must know, when I got here I realized I had on two different colored shoes so I took them off.” Without waiting to see his reaction, she flipped her book up between them, shutting him out. A part of him wanted to laugh at her confession. He was too fascinated. Not to mention, with his curiosity assuaged he really wanted to hear more about the rest. “What about your underwear?” She ignored him. He bit back a smile. His mind whirled back to life and he searched for a new way to insert himself into her company. Tilting his head, he read the title blocking her eyes from his gaze. The Ins and Outs of BDSM. Catchy title. Switching his gaze to the other items scattered across her table, he took note of another book on bondage as well as some handwritten notes. As far as he could tell by what she’d scratched out, she was either intent on rocking some dude’s world or plotting one hell of a murder. He braced his elbows on the table, lowering his voice where only she could hear. “I have handcuffs back at my place.” She set the book aside. Mimicking his pose, her eyes shone with mirth as she pitched her voice low, as well. “I have a Taser in my handbag.” Holding back his laughter, Kurt didn’t miss a beat. “Kinky,” he said, adding a wink. “I like it.” Snorting, she slapped her hand over her mouth and nose as if she couldn’t believe what she’d done. “I’m Kurt,” he offered before she could escape into her mind again. “McKenna.”

No Rival Series
No Rival Series
UNSURPASSED (No Rival, #1)

UNDAUNTED (No Rival, #2)

UNEQUALED (No Rival, #3)

UNBALANCED (No Rival, #4)



Charity Parkerson

Charity Parkerson is an award winning and multi-published author with Ellora's Cave Publishing, Midnight Books, and Punk & Sissy Publications. Born with no filter from her brain to her mouth, she decided to take this odd quirk and insert it in her characters. *2014 Readers' Favorite finalist *2014 Golden Ankh nominee *2013 Readers' Favorite Award Winner *2013 Reviewers' Choice Award Winner *2012 ARRA Finalist for Favorite Paranormal Romance *Five-time winner of The Mistress of the Darkpath

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Blog Stop ~ Review Tour ~ Victorian Romance ~ Review by Jocelyn

Title: Lily and the Duke

Author: Helen Hardt

Genre: Victorian Romance


Lily and the DukeSex and the Season One Wiltshire, England 1845 Lady Lily Jameson is thrilled to attend a house party given by Daniel Farnsworth, the Duke of  Lybrook, but not because he’s the most eligible bachelor in the peerage. Her only interest is his famous art collection, which reputedly includes a painting by her favorite artist, Jan Vermeer. Daniel, duke only by virtue of the untimely deaths of his father and older brother, wants nothing to do with his new duties. He’d rather continue his rakish ways. When he finds the lovely Lily sneaking  around the property in search of his art collection, sparks fly. Despite her father’s wishes, Lily has no intention of marrying. She wants to travel the world to gain real life inspiration for her painting and writing. And what could be better worldly experience than a passionate affair with the notorious Duke of Lybrook? But circumstances may change the game and the players…and danger lurks, as well.
' So throughout this whole story I couldn’t help but keep saying “awwwwww” in my head along with “Oh my” and “Gawd that is hot” and lastly “That little harlot!!” ha-ha. Lily and the Duke is a very easy flowing, lovely, and absolutely delectably erotic regency romance story. There is some mellow angst and one conniving elite gold digging b*t*h in this book but overall it’s a very heartfelt story between Lily and Daniel and the intense love and passion they come to feel for each other.
Lily (whom I freaking love) is a very headstrong, quick-witted minx. Totally against conformity and the idea of being forced into an arranged marriage she cares little for her virtue and would much rather spend her days lavishing in her artistic abilities and seeing the world for all its beauty.Daniel FYI the Duke known for his escapades with the ladies and all kinds’ debauchery is hosting a party at his home in which Lily and her family are invited. New to Duke-dom Daniel is far from prepared to manage his estate and even less inclined to partake in the picking of a bride. But when Lily and Daniel’s paths cross accidentally the fire and spark between these two is volcanic. Both arousing and stirring new feelings in each other Lily and Daniel can’t get enough of one another.

Daniel loves Lily’s confidence, innocence, intellect, beauty and strength while Lily is enamored with Daniel’s understanding of the arts and the manner in which he treats her; fair, equal, and above all else. Of course his aptitude in the bedroom doesn’t hurt either. J We can just call it a wonderful perk. These two are like magnets pushing and pulling and taking the other to new heights.
Of course like I stated before what’s a romance without a little angst and we do get a dose but it’s just a dash to keep you on your toes and adds a perfect bridge in the story for Daniel and Lily to progress in their love and desires for one another. I really enjoyed this read and I loved the flow of the story, the emotions were very prevalent through the book and I found it easy to both relate and enjoy the interaction and dialogue between all the characters in the story. I am also quite interested in seeing where Rose’s (Lily’s sister) story will go in the next book.'
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4.5 out of 5stars

~*~ Release Day Blitz ~*~ The Lost One by Liz Lovelock

BOOK:  The Lost One
AUTHOR: Liz Lovelock
SERIES: Book One of Lost Series
GENRE:  Contemporary Romance
RELEASE DATE:  September 10th, 2014
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My name is Melodi White, I had a dream once like every other girl does. Then one day, my dream was torn to shreds, by my sister’s evil boyfriend, Jacob. It’s been three years since she was ripped from my life. She wasn’t just any sister; no, she was my twin, my best friend.

Deciding to follow our childhood dream of moving to New York, I head for a life of adventure and fun. A night on the town and I find myself wrapped in the arms of one gorgeous, drop-dead-sexy man, Corban. He has literally swept me off my feet, taken my breath away with a single kiss and left me wanting more, a feeling completely alien to me.

Corban Andrews, CEO of Case Construction, rich, sexy and ravishing is set to make my world come undone. I allow myself to put my trust in him, but will his rules and my trust issues let us explore what we could have together? It’s either that or am I at risk of staying lost and alone.

When a blast from my past reappears, I know I may be pushed so far down the rabbit hole, Corban and I just may not survive. It all comes down to survival and choices. I have no idea which I will choose.


Liz is from bright sunny Queensland, Australia. She has always been a reader. When she was little she would be up late reading Garfield and Asterix comic books and also Footrot Flats. When she hit high school she read TomorrowWhen the War Began by John Marsden and from there her love of books continued to grow. She always has a book to read beside her bed along with a note book for when inspiration hits at those crazy hours. 

She is a stationary addict and a one click addict. She loves everything books, authors and of course loves chocolate and lollies to keep her going. 


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