November 26, 2015

☆☆Live Me, Celeste Grande Blog Tour Stop, Double Review☆☆

Live Me
 a Pieces of Broken novel by Celeste Grande 

Publication date: October 27th 2015

Genres: Contemporary, New Adult

How can you begin to live again when youve already been forced todie?
Evangelina Ricci is trapped in a world thats a never-ending nightmare, a constant ache in which consumes her every breath. Unable to bear the torture any longer, she does the one thing she can to take back control.
With her best friend Jace in tow, Evangelina attempts to escape her darkened past by leaving for college and diving head first into an aggressive schedule, determined with everything she is to make a name for herself. Theres only one problemshe cant run away from the demons she struggles with. The demons thatll forever be there, locked inside, battering her soul. Hiding behind a flawless faรงade, Evangelina faces her ghosts until her world is turned upside down, invaded byhim.
Blake Turner. Sweet, witty, flirtatious and drop-dead gorgeous, he finds Evangelina at every turn. Scared hell uncover the truth she keeps so well guarded, Evangelina tries her best to put on her act, deterring him like she has so many times beforeonly this guys different. Hes relentless. Utterly, absolutely and completely relentless. He sees her and he wants her and wont stop until shes his.

Will Evangelina succeed in pushing Blake away? Or will he break down her walls and be the person to make her realize life is worth living?


A phenomenal story about one girls’ resolve to keep the world at bay with her three best friends help until she meets the one man who turns her world around and upside down. With such strength and desire, Celeste Grande has brought us a new coveted BBF to the table, and his name is Blake. I like to say Persistent Blake. Get ready, he’s sure to make you swoon and sweat!
Blake and Angel. A couple that was written with so much electricity that it jumped off the screen, onto my skin, seeped deep within and days later still the remnants of their story are with me! I breathed this novel! At first I will say that I was a bit slow to be able to jump all in, but I believe it was the author’s intention to make my journey start out slow so that I could fully grasp the pain that has been hidden so far deep inside of Eva that it has been her mission to never, ever let anyone near her that could hurt her. Physically. Mentally. She has been through a traumatic experience that lasted for years and she believes it is her fault and she has many triggers, but her best friend Jace is there with her to help her live. He helps her remember that she’s “ok” now. I love Jace. Even though he is a bit tough on Eva and even teeters on that step of using her to keep his entitlements flowing. But none the less, Jace loves Eva and will always do what is best for Eva. Even Eva’s two close girlfriends don’t know her deepest wounds but they still complete her family. But their dynamic changes when Blake enters the picture. Blake who has set his sights on Eva. His Angel. And he want’s nothing but to get to know the real girl not the illusion she sells herself to be to the world. She’s a master of disguise. One whom Blake wants to get into deeply and it’s a fight to give up and give in.
This is where I say the angst train truly begins and runs right into you; slamming into you as you try to detach yourself from the words you have been reading, when you renter the real world.
“With more gumption, he turned back to me… “You’re part of my makeup now. My me. Let me be your you.” He took my face between his hands, searching my eyes. “I’ll be strong for you. Live me, baby. Live for me. Please.”

With confidence of a seasoned writer, Celeste Grande has just solidified her footprint in the literary world with her debut novel that’s loaded with angst, anticipation, and the possibility of beginning again.  I was fortunate enough to be able to read Live Me early and I had to just let this author know, that the hidden message in this story is beautiful and strong and one that will be able to help those that have been affected by the traumas this novel talks about. I can’t wait to read what’s next in the story of Blake and Eva. I am hooked. Completely.

My blog partner, and wonderful friend Lexy has been talking about this book for some time now.  She just kept saying, “Watch this book.  I have a feeling.”  I knew nothing of the story, and saw ONE teaser and knew as soon as I could, I needed to read it.

 She is never wrong with these hunches, and let me tell you, Celeste Grande is one to watch for. 

For a debut novel, Live Me is anything but.  Flawless writing with a multitude of complex characters in a city that I have never been to; I felt like I was transported into another place.  These characters all felt like old friends, like I have known them a lifetime. 

Evangeline Ricci is on a mission to get away from a haunting past.  She uproots and drags her best friend Jace with her to college in NYC.  Keeping most everyone at a distance and her head down, focusing on her studies, her world gets rocked as soon as Blake walks into it.

Blake knows there is something hidden in the depths of his Angel’s soul, and is determined to make her realize that she can trust him.  He is determined to wear her down and find a spot in her life.  She can’t say no to him.

With her best friend Jace, and Blake on her side, maybe it’s time for Eva to face things head on and move into the future that she deserves.  Sometimes though the voices in your head are a bitch, and make you believe that you are not worthy of the things you seek.  So what is Eva to do?  I guess you will have to read the book.

I get pretty passionate about the books I love, the ones that leave an imprint on my heart, and Live Me has crawled in, and taken its place amongst other greats.  I can’t wait to see where Celeste Grande goes from here, and all I know is that I will follow.


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Celeste Grande grew up loving words. From an early age, it was easy for her to open her heart through pen and paper and come away with something poetic. She never thought anything more than releasing her emotions would come of it though. A workaholic that can’t keep still, in her ‘real’ life, she’s a Certified Public Accountant who dreams of writing sexy books all day long. When she isn’t working, she’s reading, writing, mommying and being a wifey to the love of her life.
She lives in New York, still putting pen to paper and anxiously awaiting the debut of her first novel, Live Me, a new adult romance, in October of 2015.

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