November 21, 2014

***COVER REVEAL***JUST A LITTLE, THE COMPLETE COLLECTION by Alexandra Andersen and Shayne McClendon

Title: Just a Little
Authors: Alexandra Andersen & Shayne McClendon
Cover Design by Alexandra Andersen (iStock Photo)
 Official Release Date: Monday, November 24th

Just a Little – The Complete Collection
The first two books in the series were wildly successful and now, the long-awaited final installment is available in “Just a Little – The Complete Collection.” You’ll laugh and cry your way through these six tales by authors Alexandra Andersen and Shayne McClendon. Prepare to fall in love with Alex’s three “Just a Little” stories and Shayne’s “Quiet” trilogy. If you enjoyed “Just a Little Kilted” and “Just a Little Crazy,” then you’re going to love “Just a Little Extra.” Alana and Rollins, Caroline and William, and a host of supporting characters cannot wait to introduce themselves.
BOOK ONE: Just a Little Kilted
Life is better with a man in plaid.
 Just a Little Kilted Affair
Jenna Allaway doesn’t mess around. She works hard and plays even harder. She likes her men as easy to change as her lip-gloss. She doesn't do relationships. The only thing she ever enjoyed for more than one night was the annual Scottish-American Highland Festival but even that’s been permanently ruined for her. Until Jenna meets Angus Cameron – the man in plaid behind the Festival. Will she finally open her heart and let him inside? Or will it be just a little one day kilted affair to remember? It’s all fun and games during the Highland Festival…until somebody loses an eye.
 Quiet & Kilted
Zoe Green does her best to blend into the background of the world around her. Naturally shy and bookish all her life, the loss of her hearing as a teenager has made her far more withdrawn as a young woman. Catching the eye of the kilt-wearing construction worker doing renovations in her library throws her into unfamiliar territory. Nathaniel Lang takes one look at the pretty librarian and sees far more than she would ever expect. She believes her deafness limits her chance for happiness and he plans to show her how wrong she is. When Zoe finally agrees to have coffee with him, Nate knows it’s the start of something wonderful for him and his daughter Amanda. Their future is tested by a horrible accident but love isn’t going to let either one of them get away so easily. 
 BOOK TWO: Just a Little Crazy
Pretty can’t fix crazy. 
 Just a Little Crazy
Wilhelmina “Willie” Bonham is a hard living dangerous woman. She won’t commit to a man, a pet, or even a potted plant. She’s a stunning force of nature that doles out her own version of justice, which includes taking down anyone that gets in her way. When volatile Willie gets paramedic Jon Marchetti into her bed, Jon has no idea of the wild ride he’s about to get on. He blissfully ignores the warning signs and plunges headfirst into her world of crazy without a net or a safe word. She soon realizes he can give as well as he gets. Jon will be damned if he’ll let Willie kick him out of bed the next morning or ever.
Quiet & Crazy
Noel Lang was born deaf and that’s how many people in her life have defined her. She takes no shit, makes no excuses, and does exactly what she damn well pleases. Men aren’t high on her list of priorities. Until she gets another look at her brother’s best friend, Rick Yates. She tries to keep things casual – neither wanting or expecting promises of happily ever after – but Rick has other plans. Crazy loves company.
BOOK THREE: Just a Little Extra
Sometimes you need just a little extra…
Just a Little Extra
 Alana Oberlander has hit the middle-aged wall. At 42, she’s a shell of her former self. Alana is over everything and everyone. Trapped in middle-class suburbia, her seemingly perfect life comes undone in a split second. After nearly two decades of marriage, her husband is suddenly found dead. Taunted by her dead husband’s secrets consuming her every waking moment - will she be able to find the woman she used to be once again? She discovers real freedom and the person she once was, when she meets Rollins James. Alana’s determined to be on her own and live her life on her own terms, but Rollins just can’t forget her.
Extra Quiet
 Caroline Lang was born in a time where women were defined clearly and given little freedom. Her deafness was a hurdle she had to overcome from birth in a society that equated a physical disability with a lack of intelligence. Her life has been dedicated to raising her children and growing the business she loves. Until the day her son introduces her to his fellow Marine, William Woodring. Initially unwilling to explore her attraction due to their age difference, the steady man takes her over-thinking off the table and shows her that love…true love…doesn’t care about silly numbers, a little thing like deafness, or the psychopath out to kidnap her granddaughter.
NOTE: Contains explicit sexual language and language. This book is intended for mature audiences. Do not read if explicit sexual situations offend you. 

About Alexandra Andersen
Alexandra Andersen is a romance author, online editor, and founder of Wine & Drama.  Alexandra is an avid traveler and spends her time drinking coffee and wine while writing.
She plans on one day moving to a little cottage in the English countryside.  Where she can write in peace and finally meet a horseback riding, whisky drinking, foxhunting Darcy-esque Lord to shack up with.  For now, she'll settle for sushi, small unruly children, and lots of Malbec wine.
If you love drinking great wine and enjoy reading Alexandra’s stories, then pop a cork, sit down, and visit her  It’s quite possibly the most opinionated place online to get your daily glass full of the best in wine, relationships, books, and more.

About Shayne McClendon
Shayne McClendon is an indie author who has received rave reviews for her premiere novel “The Barter System.”  Other releases include “Yes to Everything,” “Completely Wrecked,” “Love of the Game – The Complete Collection,” “The Hermit,” and “Hudson” – the second book in “The Barter System” world.
Writer, mom, and hermit...Shayne listens to the voices in her head because their ideas are awesome.  Those around her have learned not to question the crazy.  Coffee consumption is too high, amount of sleep is too low, but the words always feel just right.
She currently lives in Oklahoma wrangling teenagers, opening doors for her pets, and running her content writing company.  She dreams of peace, quiet, travel, and always having a viable internet connection.
Check her out on Facebook ( or visit her website ( and subscribe for your free story!
Shayne McClendon's work is available at major e-book retailers.  Signed print editions of her work can be purchased through her website.

{**}Release Day Blitz{**}Sugar Rush by Belle Aurora

Title: Sugar Rush
Series: Friend-Zoned #3
Author: Belle Aurora
 Release Date: November 21, 2014

Max Leokov has watched the people around him find love.
At one point in life, he not only wanted that, but lived for it.
He loved once. He loved with all his heart.
His heart broken, he was left to care for his young daughter.

He deserves a second chance.

Helena Kovac has spent years studying.
She has worked her ass off to get her degree.
She doesn't have time for love. Hell, she doesn't have time to mess around, even.
Books and work are her life. Everything else comes second.

When Max and Helena join forces to help his daughter, Ceecee, they are shocked at the spark between them.

A cynic.
A workaholic.

When love hits, it hits hard.

And sometimes, love hurts.

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What reviewers are saying about
Sugar Rush...

"I could not put this book down. It was laugh out loud funny, hot, romantic, sweet, and it even had me tearing up in parts. A perfect addition to an incredible series."  
~ The Romance Room

"Ms Aurora has created a group of friends that you can't help but be envious of and want in your own life. You cannot help but fall in love with each and every one of them." ~ BJ's Book Blog

Author Bio
Belle Aurora is twenty seven years old and was born in the land down under. 

At an early age she fell in love with reading. Boredom one summer had her scouring the bookshelves at home. She stumbled across Sandra Brown's Breath of Scandal and fell in love with romance. 

Having been brought up in a loud and boisterous family of Croatian descent, she developed a natural love for dramatics and humor. Only some years ago had she discovered a new love. 

Humorous romance novels. 

Kristen Ashley and R.L. Mathewson had opened a brand new world where she could lose herself yet feel safe and at home in their stories. Belle has been known to become a screeching banshee while anxiously awaiting their newest titles. 

Belle never thought she would write. It had never interested her until recently. Friend-Zoned began to form and in February 2013 Belle typed the words Chapter One. And she fell in love. 

With words. 

With writing. 

With a creative imagination she never knew she harbored.

Friend-Zoned is the first in the Friend-Zoned series. Keep an eye out for this cheeky author.
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