July 13, 2015

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Waiting to Breathe ( The Blue Series#2)
by Chelle C Craze
Book- Waiting to Breathe ( The Blue Series#2)
Author - Chelle C Craze
Genre-Contemporary Romance
Release date-25th June,2015


When the stage lights dim and the spotlight surrounds you, do you perform for the world? Giving it your best effort to deceive every eye upon you into believing everything is fine. On the other hand, would the pressure cripple you, bare and broken, waiting to breathe?

Dartanya Waters finds herself constantly putting on a masquerade for everyone around her. On the outside, everyone sees her as a happy, quirky twenty-one year old. Internally, she buries her thoughts, hiding her fears behind a fake smile and false confidence. Panic flows through her veins, and no one knows the horror threatening her sanity and life on a daily basis.

She is every man’s fantasy, and every woman wants to be her. That is, except her. She would give anything to rewrite her story and live tomorrow carefree, but for her, that isn’t possible.

When the walls of her life finally fall and she has to fight to the surface, Nate Daniels is there to pull her from the wreckage. He’s searching for the one thing he’s never let go of. Love. He is stubborn, bold, and the only constant in her life that gives her hope.

How much time and sorrow will pass before she forgets who she is and she loses herself completely? The ultimatum the two face is to find their happily ever after or drown in the sea of lies Dartanya spreads
throughout their relationship.

The path they follow is up to them...or is it?


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My Review
Sigh…what to say what to say. I so did not want this book to end, I definitely swiped at my kindle like 8 times trying to magically will more writing to appear.

This book is a doozy and it will have you clutching your heart with almost every turn of the page. This is not the same romantic story as book 1, there is more pain and a lot more darkness in the story but it is awesome.

Waiting to Breathe is the second book in the Blue Series and it is the remarkable and heartbreaking story of Dartanya, the awesome kick-ass best friend of Cass from Book 1 and Nate, the misunderstood jerkface you can’t help but love that just so happens to be Lucas’ brother. These two are utterly and completely meant for each other and this book tells the story of their love, their heartache and their survival.

Dar and Nate have a history that will make you revel in the joy of young love and make you ache in the wake of seeing it torn apart. We see both the past and the present collide in Waiting to Breathe. After a failed try at love between Dar and Nate they have conceded to having a purely physical relationship. They are the salve to each other’s pains and have used sex to heal both their wounds. BUT there is one flaw in their plan and that is the everlasting love that is still between them and it’s there folks, burning like a fiery ember that can’t be blown out. You feel every ounce of emotion from these characters, EVERYTHING.

You feel Dar’s fears, her anxiety, her disgust, her shame and her resolve to protect those she loves. You feel Nate’s desperation, his guilt, his passion, his own shame and his determination to make Dar apart of his life, to see that they can be happy. But wait there is more, because there is something else that could destroy what Nate and Dar have once again, something sinister that will stop at nothing to get revenge...

Oh…you thought I was going to tell you what that is, oh no sorry you need to read for that. Trust me you won’t be disappointed ;)

Chelle takes us through both the present and the past, its crucial in this story to have this dynamic and she does it well. We learn everything about Dar and Nate by actually living through it with them in both time periods. It makes you more invested in their future and in their love.

There is some excellent writing in this book. Chelle has an amazing way of describing certain feelings that they become visuals, something tangible that you can connect with and understand. It’s poetic even in its darkest moments. Chelle definitely distinguishes these story from book 1, even though we are introduced to these characters in Just Breathe their story is very different than Cass and Lucas. Their burdens, their past and the events that take place in the present are a bit darker, twisted and at times hard to endure. But as a reader you want them to survive it, you want to survive it with them. I wanted nothing but to see Nate and Dar happy and together. These are two characters who in your heart feel that they deserve it, they deserve that chance that they didn’t have before. I think if an author can make you feel that much for her characters then she has done right by her book and Chelle has done exactly that.

Awesome second book in this series and I cannot wait to see what happens in the next installment 
 Just Breathe ( The Blue Series 1)
by Chelle C Craze

Book- Just Breathe
Author - Chelle C Craze
Genre-Contemporary Romance
Release date-12th September,2104

Life is full of the unexpected. At times, the only thing you can do is just breathe.

For twenty-four year old Cassandra Anderson, life hasn't been easy. Haunted daily by her own demons and memories of the past, she suffers from panic attacks and questionable anal-retentiveness. The motto she lives by is "Trust no one. Fear nothing."

Bartender Lucas Daniels comes into her life like a whirlwind. Hot enough to melt wax, he is tantalizing, sometimes overbearing, and quite possibly one of her weaknesses. Lucas, having secrets of his own, understands pain all too well.

Only time can tell what the future holds for them. Will Lucas cause Cass to question everything? Will she be drawn to him or will they end in resentment?

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Author Bio

A native West Virginian, Chelle has always been a dreamer. She spent her time growing up writing songs, poetry, screenplays, and movie scripts. She never thought about writing a book until she got older. Now, Chelle likes to spend her time being creative by painting, drawing, singing, dancing, playing instruments, and writing. Her greatest accomplishment by far is yet to come. She is expecting her daughter to arrive in August 2015.
Her debut novel is Just Breathe, The Blue Series book one.”
Contact her here 

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Title: Four Play
Author: Amalie Silver
 Release Date: July 13, 2015


From the author of the Internationally Bestselling Satire Word Play comes this collection of laugh-out-loud novellas, all guaranteed to curl your toes and challenge your morals.

Titles include:
Surrendering to Innocence
(Previously published in Forbidden Fruit, Volume II)

Big Balls
(Previously published in Nighttides)

Debating Number Ten
(Previously published in Hot for Teacher)


Fair Play
(The brand new prequel novella to Word Play)

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“No, no, no,” Jack cut in. “You need to get her engine fired up. Make her panties wet. You have to be forceful, take control. They eat up that shit.”

Martin shook his head. “No. I’m telling you, there are only two ways to get a girl in your bed at a place like this. Shakespeare or poetry.”

“Shakespeare?” I asked. “Don’t you think that’s a little cheesy?”

“Not at all,” Martin replied. “Just walk up to her and say ‘but soft, what light through yonder window breaks? It is the east, and Juliet is the sun!’”

“And then add,” Jack insisted, “the sun isn’t the only thing around here that rises.” He wiggled his eyebrows.

Why was I even considering listening to them? It seemed that the guy who was about to become a priest had the best advice.

“Shakespeare? Really?” I wasn’t comfortable with it, but with the alcohol and one glance at the blonde that had just walked in, I felt my inhibitions fade away. Maybe the guys knew more about this kind of thing than me. Although judging from their track record in school, I had my doubts. I didn’t remember the last time any of them had a girlfriend.

Fuck it.

Why not? You only live once. Why shouldn’t I have tried to take advantage of the situation? Jack was right, as painful as it was for me to admit. By my calculations, ninety-three percent of the women at the bar were there for the convention. My chances of scoring one who knew something about Shakes were pretty good.

I slammed back the rest of my drink and pulled a wad of courage from my left nut.

I can do this.

None of the guys looked convinced. Duncan gave a lopsided smile, Martin shoved his earbud back in his ear, and Jack sat cross-legged, calmly folding his hands in his lap. I really hoped they wouldn’t watch me; it was going to be hard enough as it was, let alone while I had an audience.

I drew two deep breaths and stood. The blonde at the bar sat alone, sipping her drink, and I took several confident strides toward her as I tried to piece together what I was going to say.

“Hi,” I whispered.

But the music was too loud, and she couldn’t hear me.

So I tried again.

“Hi,” I shouted, causing her to flinch and dribble some of her drink down her chin.

Smooth, asshole.

“It’s loud in here!” I said, without as much force that time.

She smiled and tucked her hair behind her ear. I shoved my hands in my pockets and tried to remember the line I was supposed to use.

But it wasn’t coming. We remained smiling at each other until the moment became strange.

Then uncomfortable.

And then it verged on painful.

What was I going to say? Did we decide I was going to introduce myself? Or was it poetry?


“But soft, what…light through yonder window breaks,” I began, trying not to stutter.

Her eyes widened, and I knew I had her attention, but as my palms grew clammy and my chest hollowed, I realized that the Juliet line wouldn’t work.

Unless her name was Juliet. Which was unlikely.

It is the east, and Juliet is the sun. That’s not going to work! Dammit! I need something else! It’s too late! I have to finish the damn quote!

I swallowed, and spat out the first thing my mind could make sense of.

“My dick rises in the east.”

My Review

Four Play is made up of 4 short stories by the wonderful Amalie Silver…. so instead of babbling about just one book, I get to talk about 4!!

Big Balls
Jack is a total tomboy who is crazy passionate about softball, she eats, sleeps, and breathes the game. She doesn’t go on dates, helps her team members focus on the game and really only has one goal…. WIN! Then she accidentally meets Nolan and well for the first time she feels something that isn’t softball related. This novella was sweet and I loved following the struggle that Jack seems to have adapting to a new thing in her life.

Surrendering to Innocence
Christine doesn’t remember what it’s like to have fun or who she really was before she started to just exist for her child. She meets up with an old friend from high school at a PTA meeting who reminds her of who she used to be. I thought this was a steamy little story that also shows when you happen to find yourself that being happy is much more rewarding than just going through the motions with blinders on.

Debating Number Ten
Simon… there was nothing nice I had to say about you in the beginning of this story but you redeemed yourself. He is trying to sleep his way through all the girls on his debate team with plans to seduce his teacher after he has a fling with girl number 10 who happens to be Arleen. I laughed so damn hard when I found about Simon’s spreadsheet and then swooned over the growing relationship between him and A. All in all this was a great read that will have you giggling away.

Fair Play
This little bad boy is the book that I had been awaiting…. The Prequel to Word Play!!  This shows us what happened early on when Michael and Lauren first met. It all starts back in Seattle where Mike and his friends take off on a final trip together before real life issues get in their way. There is a bet made that has Mike doing something he normally wouldn’t just so his friend Jack can prove he is better. This is where Monica and Lauren appear. Monica is the gorgeous and free spirited one while Lauren is a quiet and beautiful girl who snags the guys interest. This is the journey of Mike finding the girl of his dreams while not trying to get involved or figure out what his heart is trying to tell him. I laughed so hard at times I was given the funny look from my other half, it was a sweet story and if you all have read Word Play already you’ll understand why I found myself a bit teary.

This was an amazing collection of stories that should not be overlooked, Amalie has a way with words and she draws you in and holds you close throughout the book. I’m giving it 5 Stars and highly recommend it be one clicked!!

Author Bio

Amalie Silver resides in Minnesota with her husband, two toddlers, and German Short-haired Pointer, Saba. She consumes approximately three pots of coffee a day, and credits this for her survival over the past decade.

When not completely consumed in her writing, she can be found taking road trips to northern Minnesota, engaging in fierce Scrabble games, or reading a good book. She’s a sucker for all romance genres, literary fiction, and psychological fiction.

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(^)BLOG TOUR(^) Quirks and Kinks Laurel Ulen Curtis

Quirks and Kinks
Laurel Ulen Curtis
Releasing: June 23rd, 2015

Its a new show, Quirks and Kinks. Weve already selected a male reenactment actor to be your co-host, so you're the last piece of the puzzle. Theres some seriously f@$%ed up sh*t out there that people are into, and the two of you are going to be the face of it.”

“Im going to be the face of peoples freakish fetishes?” I asked disbelievingly.

Larry shrugged his nonchalance, shoving it directly down the throat of my panic. “Half of it.”

That conversation was the beginning of more than a show.
It was the beginning of mystery, friendship, and love, and the outcome of mixing all three together with two unsuspecting victims.

Easie Reynolds and Anderson Evans were drawn to the same, simple thing—each other.

But, sometimes, undeniable chemistry isn’t enough. After all, how easy is it to get know someone when they’re constantly pretending to be someone else?
 “I’m still not even sure what we’re doing here,” I told Ashley as I glanced around at the cheap Tex Mex themed decor of El Loco Restaurant.
All around us, business-suit-clad, young singles chatted and laughed, sinking deeper into their margaritas and each other. A life untraveled stared me in the face, but it didn’t make me feel bitter or regretful. All I felt was stupid for being out and spending money that we didn’t have.
“You just landed a job,” she cooed before sipping delicately from the free water.
Giving her my undivided attention, I narrowed my cat-like blue eyes.
“Granted, it’s not a job you’re exactly thrilled about, but it comes with money, and that’s worth celebrating a little.”
“Pff,” I huffed. “So far, all it’s come with is a bag of muffin mix and humiliation.” Exaggeratedly, I checked my purse. “Nope, no money.”
Ashley just shook her head. “We’re eating one dollar tacos. Peanut butter and bread are more expensive. Relax.”
My fingers itched for a cigarette, and astute twenty-three year old lady that she was, Ashley didn’t miss it.
“Besides, if we’re going to get on the money discussion you’re going to have to take a closer look at some of your other expensive habits.”
Ashley had been trying to talk me into quitting for years, and I knew my lungs would thank me if I somehow managed to follow through. But for as desirable as it sounded, I just…couldn’t. It wasn’t so much the addiction and the work it would take to kick a years-in-the-making habit. It was that smoking had become my emotional crutch. My timeout in any moment of need and my excuse to busy myself with something other than being a bitch. I was scared of the chasm I’d fall into, the unclimbable hill I’d create with my auger-like anxiety.
My sister didn’t know any of that. No one did.
“I smoke for my career.”
Her eyes practically rolled all the way out of her head. “This ought to be good.”
“You know this industry is unbelievably vapid, and vapid means skinny. Smoking keeps me that way.”
She shook her head in disdain.
“And it’s cheaper than a gym membership.”
“Global warming, anyone?” she called dramatically. “You’re argument is balancing on some pretty thin ice.”
“Shut up.”
Suddenly, warmth wafted up into my face as our waiter shoved the toasty basket of complimentary chips into the center of our table. My eyes drifted naturally from the basket to the hand holding it, where a large, oval, heavy metal ring sat in blazing contrast to the tan expanse of his long ring finger, up the line of his muscular—deliciously veiny—forearm, to the cuff of his rolled up black sleeve. On a runaway mission of their own, my eyes wouldn’t stop, eating up the expanse of his bicep in an instant, stutter-stepping up the corded column of his slender throat, and landing on one of the most attractive male mugs I’ve ever seen.
A mixing bowl of ethnicity, his naturally tanned skin and dark features stood in stark contrast with the minty green of his eyes. Directly on me and smirking, they were mesmerizing.
And mocking.
Ashley spoke, as I’d apparently lost all of my normal snarky ability.
A small glance from me to her preceded his polite answer. “You’re welcome.”
She smiled her prettiest smile, the one that infused her entire being from chest to eyes, and the corner of his mouth notched higher in response.
A foreign heaviness settled in my chest as I watched, and its completely unwelcome presence nearly made me sick.
He turned to leave slowly, one last lingering look in my direction making my nerves ratchet up to an eleven.
Fuck. I did not like to be rattled. Confident words were my modus operandi, but a good earthquake could wreck even the strongest of routines. My table at El Loco, tonight—this guy—was the epicenter.
The man in question had just earned himself automatic placement on my shit list.
Straight, white, top teeth just barely teased the plump pillow of his bottom lip. It was unintentional, completely innocent, and hot as Jesus’ sauna.
Shit list position confirmed.
“You’re, like, really attractive,” Ashley noted, evidently drunk on her water and speaking via a direct link to my brain.
His chuckle was like a full body vibrator, skating through the nerves on every inch of my skin. One long-fingered hand shot straight to his neck, rubbing the uneasiness of Ashley’s compliment out quickly.
“Are you an actor?” she continued. “You’ve got to be, right?”
LA. Every attractive person you meet must be in the business.
I would have laughed at Ashley’s assumption and how ridiculous it was if I hadn’t been thinking the same thing.
He looked slightly bashful, but fought straight through the discomfort and answered her frankly. “Uh, yeah. I mean, I’m trying anyway. I’m not particularly successful.”
Distracted by my reaction to him and his honesty, I didn’t run a pre-check on anything coming out of my mouth. Not that I normally had the best filter. “So you’re another one of those actors, waiting tables to pay the bills and pass the time?”
He bristled, and rightfully so. But he did it with an otherworldly calm, meeting my eyes directly and speaking in a soft, polite—if only slightly teasing—voice.
“One of those? Oh. No. Waiting tables is my dream. I just act to fit in.”
My cheeks felt hot with embarrassment and shame, and the glint in his eyes told me that he saw it.
Sometimes I hated that my default setting was bitch. Such a dominant trait was hard to overturn. “Okay, so maybe that was a little rude.”
One corner of his mouth—the smug one—rose just slightly. “It’s a distinct possibility.”
Silence hung between us, but while my time was spent avoiding eye contact, his was spent calculating his next blow.
“I guess you must be something really impressive then?”
“Huh?” My wandering eyes shot to his with the focus of a heat-seeking missile.
“Well, you obviously aren’t on the waiting tables slash acting track that the rest of us losers are.”
“I mean, you must do something that really matters, right? Educating orphaned kids. Curing Cancer. Coming up with the way to end all of the world’s unrest.” Attractive arms crossed over an equally nice chest. “Am I right?”
For as confident as I usually was, and as many comebacks as I normally had, I couldn’t think of one single thing to say.
Unfortunately, my sister wasn’t suffering from a similar problem.
“Hah! She’s an actor too. But she’s too busy to wait tables.”
“Working?” he asked, one manly eyebrow cocking in time with his question. If I wasn’t mistaken, he actually looked impressed for a minute.
I was ready to leave right then, but Ashley, being the one of us with a conscience, had a knack for ruining a good thing.
“Oh. No. She’s just too busy being her. You know, cutting people like you down in her spare time.” She looked away, bopped to the music in the background. “But, she doesn’t do it on purpose. She was born this way. Cold, dead heart and all. I guess that’s why people like me still love her.”
I tried not to let her words hurt. After all, if I were describing myself, I probably would have chosen the exact same words, and because I knew her so well, I knew she was just trying to make a joke and bail me out of a situation of my own making.
And yet, I still couldn’t stop the smile from slipping and sliding its way off of my face.
It only took a few seconds to recover, but when I looked back up at the waiter, he was looking at me differently. Assessing.
Uncomfortable was too cushy a word for what I was feeling. Bombs exploded and sprayed shrapnel, the sharp edges of his scrutiny digging into the flesh of my muscle and making it twitch just beneath the not-protective-enough layer of my skin.

 About Laurel Ulen Curtis

Laurel Ulen Curtis is a 27 year old mother of one. She lives with her husband and son (and cat and two fish!) in New Jersey, but grew up all over the United States. She graduated from Rutgers University in 2009 with a Bachelor of Science in Meteorology, and puts that to almost no use other than forecasting for her friends! She has a passion for her family, laughing, and reading and writing Romance novels.