September 24, 2014

++++COVER REVEAL& GIVEAWAY++++ Hypercars Crusader by Jordana Mia Lezamy

Title: Hypercars Crusader (Griffin League #1)

Author: Jordana Mia Lezamy

Genre:  Romance/ Erotica/New Adult

Release Date: November 4, 2014

Cover Design: Cover Me Darling



It was the day of a special occasion in my life, when my entire future was rewritten and set on a new course

Or was this always part of destiny that I believed you cannot run from?

My Destiny. Now Ours. Together. Exclusively.

As I watched him at the show I never planned on attending – I was certain of one thing about his velocity:

ONLY GOD is capable of catching him.

The moment we met, there was no looking back on a past life down a darkened and lonely road any longer.

Before him I had never dated anyone. Before him I lead a normal good-girl life.

With him my plus size curves and unique facial features are loved and adored beyond a passionate and lustful extent.

Beside him I became queen to the messiah of a hypercars racing universe I defied heaven for.

As fate would have it, regrets collected like old friends ready to relive both our darkest moments.

It’s always darkest before the dawn, but to see the sunrise at the end of the finish line, there are SEVEN words of a pledge barricading the way:

Cauterized words onto his soul that will decide if he is either a villain or a savior.

The ultimate sacrifice must be made by him alone.

Which will he choose? Which will he let go of? Which means more?

This is our journey
This is where our saga with fast cars begin.

***Contemporary, Erotica, New Adult, Romance : Due to strong language and sexual content, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

27 years old. Birthday November 12th.
I have an obsession with REALLY fast cars, car magazines and car shows too.
I am an event co-ordinator part time and love to bake.
I mostly read “dark-themed” or extreme Dominant and Alpha Male novels.
Hypercars Crusader is not dark. My characters love each other waaaaaaay too much for that.
I am in love with Henry Cavill, 90’s or old-school music and I have an addiction to Italian Ice-Cream.
My family and friends are always laughing are always telling me I’m funny and louder than the average human.
Biggest passion in life is that I LOVE to laugh.
My body shape is curvy in all the right places and that is why my leading lady is plus-size too.



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