September 22, 2014

~+~ Release Day Launch ~+~ Snow the Vampire Slayer by Rebekah R. Ganiere

Release Day Launch

                               Snow the Vampire Slayer

                           Farielle #2

                           By Rebekah R. Ganiere

                           Publication Date: September 22, 2014

                             Genres: Fantasy, Romance

Lady Snow Gwyn is tired of playing "mother" to her seven Vampire Slaying brothers. For the past two years, she's yearned to be out there fighting at their side as they hunt for bloodsuckers in the black of night. Snow is as good a fighter as any man, but she wasn't called to be a Slayer. A mere formality in her book.

Prince Sageren, Son of Lothar has spent the last fifty years in exile, awaiting the day when he can finally avenge his family and take back his throne. Barely existing, he's forced to face his inner demons and the monster he once was, compelling him to vow to never drink from humans again. A simple enough task--until he crosses paths with a human who makes his fangs ache to drain her.

When Snow runs into Prince Sage on a late night trip to the woods, she's torn between the urge to kill him and the desire to succumb to the feeling he stirs within her. And when Snow's life is threatened by the same evil that murdered his family, Prince Sage must enlist the aid of Snow's brothers to not only help him save her life, but to also regain his rightful place as King of the Vampires.

If Sage can keep the Slayers from killing him first.

She inhaled the scent of his leather jacket. It mixed with the musky scent of his skin and she was overcome with a sudden longing for him to kiss her. She shook her head at the thought. An aura of danger surrounded him and the risk of the encounter thrilled her. But the graceful way he moved, the way he tracked her with his gaze, stirred a note of warning inside her.

She tried to grab her sword, but his gaze fell upon her heavily and she found she couldn't.

"What are you doing to me?" 

He inched even closer, bent his neck and breathed her in. Her stomach clenched. She'd never craved a man's touch so badly. She didn't like it. "You're using magick on me. I command you to stop."

"You command me?" He gave her a wry smile that she wanted to smack off his face.

"Are you Fae? A mage? What are you?"

"You're bleeding," he said.

"I fell. You didn't answer my question."

"No, I didn't. Let me see it." 

Snow's arm lifted though she willed it to stay down. "You're infuriating."

He took her palm gently in his cool grasp and unwrapped it. "Thank you."

"Why are you doing that?" 

"To make sure it heals," he whispered. He lifted her palm, examining it, and let out a shuddered breath.

"Don't touch it. I've already disinfected it." Snow's mind felt cloudy and thick, like she'd taken too much medicine. She wanted to pull her hand away, but she couldn't. His touch was gentle and cool on her skin. 

Something nagged at the edge of her mind. She should be afraid, but she couldn't concentrate long enough to figure out why.

Sage reached down and sniffed her palm. Snow's mind screamed for her to run. When he licked her wound, she sucked in a breath. Somehow the feel of his skin touching hers made her knees almost buckle.

"What are you?" she asked again.

He lifted his mouth from her skin, his eyes glowing brightly in the moonlight. 

Her brain finally caught up with her. No! It wasn't possible. Her brothers had said that vampires were vile and evil. They were dead, blood-sucking killers. How could this handsome, sensual man possibly be the monster they hunted at night? 

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Rebekah is an award winning author. Her novel Dead Awakenings, debuted in January 2014. Red the Were Hunter, the first in her Farielle Series, released in May. The second book Snow the Vampire Slayer will be releasing in September 22, 2014. And her trilogy The Society will be released Nov. 17th 2014 by Kensington's Lyrical Press.

Rebekah is the VP of Communications of the RWA FFP Chapter as well as a member of her local Los Angeles and Orange County chapters. In her spare time when she isn't writing you can find her moderating on or hanging out with her husband, four children and her English Bulldog, rabbit, two bearded dragons, and two tortoises. The escaped snake has yet to be found.

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