October 16, 2014

((**)) Blog Tour & Review ((**)) KILLSHOT BY ARIA MICHAELS

Book: Killshot
Author: Aria Michaels
Genre: YA Dystopian
Release: 16th October

When seventeen year old Liv Larson and her brother are sent to separate foster homes, she gives up on her old life, her old friends, and her faith in God. The only bright spot in Liv’s new life is her energetic and obnoxious foster-sister, Riley. When Riley convinces her to come to the rooftop party to view Icarus, the up-coming solar flare, Liv meets Zander. For the first time in months her troubles take a back seat...that is until what should have been a small flare, erupts into a full blown solar storm. 

Now, Liv and her rag-tag group of not-quite friends must find a way to survive the sweltering heat, lingering radiation, and the mysterious virus that appears to have found an ideal host among their ranks. Alliances will be formed, and battle lines will be drawn as Liv and her new friends set out on a perilous journey to save their loved ones, find answers, and reach salvation. 

But, something sinister awaits them in the dark—and it’s undeniably connected to Liv. 

Will Liv be able to keep her promise and reunite with her brother? Will her brave determination be enough to save them all from a rogue government, a terrifying virus, and the things that go bump in the night? 

…Or was Icarus, indeed, the KILLSHOT.

My Review
OH BABY! This is a goodie! For all you sci-fi apocalyptic lovers, you will love this little bundle of awesome sauce.

Okay envision that the movies The Breakfast Club(yes that 80’s classic, don’t laugh), Armageddon (I know you cried at that one don’t lie) and Resident Evil( nightmare fuel) all came together and had some crazy hybrid book child and you will have Killshot, by Aria Michaels.

Killshot revolves around a group of high school semi-friends. I say semi because not everyone in the group actually likes each other but they do all know one another. This rag-tag group of misfits mainly consists of  

  • Olivia or Liv our lady lead and resident bad-ass, tomboy leader;
  • Riley, Liv’s perpetually optimistic adopted sister;
  • Micah, Riley’s beau;
  • Zander, Micah’s oh so swoon-worthy cousin and main male lead;
  • Jake, the nerdy, highly intelligent and loyal sidekick;
  • Falisha, the kick-your-butt/undercover Einstein/cheerleader.
This not-so-merry band of high schoolers gather together to view the once in a lifetime celestial occurrence called Icarus. A Solar Flare headed straight for earth. But they soon realize that what they thought would be a sight they would never forget turns into a devastation they may never escape.

Gather Sci-Fi fanatics cause this is where it gets good! Icarus causes a solar reaction that literally turns the atmosphere into a burning scorching sun, complete with fire and brimstone. Pavement and sidewalks are melting, temperatures are rising, buildings, trees and people are burning on the spot and the air is getting harder and harder to breathe. When our group gets trapped inside their high school it’s up to them to hone their abilities and work as one to survive the disaster.

BUT WAIT!!! There is more…Icarus didn’t just set off a catalyst of natural destruction, oh no…there is something else lurking in the air. A virus. One capable of changing the genetic make-up of the person infected seasaw-ing between crazed monster to heightened superhero.

With members of the group exposed, desperately seeking their loved ones and more of the events leading to Icarus unraveling, the group is taken further down the rabbit hole to hidden truths, conspiracy theories, unfathomable lies and destined connections.

Did I hook you yet?!? Well let me make it easy. This book will have you completely engrossed and on the edge of your seat. I could not put it down. Just when you think you have it all figured out Michaels throws in another twist to screw with your brain, in a good way of course ;) The characters are well developed and likable if not lovable. Every character is an important piece of the puzzle and necessary member of the group with each person providing a strength that will allow the group to survive. I love how the friendships and bonds start to form over the course of the story and how each character matured at a convincing pace. The emotions emanating from the story are believable and relatable, from desperation to determination, sadness to love, and pity to hope. And of course the plot is just awesome. There are thrills, chills, monsters and heroes. The story is inventive and well written. Despite the multitude of characters the dialogue was very clean and easy to follow and the ending will leave you itching for more. I highly recommend this book, Aria Michaels does a fabulous job with her debut and I can’t wait to read the next book!!!

Author Bio:
Aria Michaels lives in a small town in Illinois with her loving, patient, husband and her six (yes, SIX) energetic boys. Always the creative type, Aria fed off the encouragement of her mother, and started writing and illustrating her own stories at a very young age. Aria's passion for creation and love of the human spirit followed her to the university level where she graduated with an Associates Degree in Fine Arts, and a Bachelors Degree in Communications, with a minor in psychology.
After years of juggling parenthood with her a career in higher education, the universe finally called Aria back to her original passion...writing. When she isn't glued to her computer, or painting her next masterpiece, Aria can be found playing in the dirt with her kids, snuggling up to a good zombie flick with her husband, or sipping a glass of wine by the fire with friends.

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