November 29, 2015

✽✽Release Day Blitz✽✽ Beautiful Rugged by Sara V. Zook

Release Blitz
Title: Beautiful Rugged
Author: Sara V. Zook
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release: November 29, 2015
beautifulruggedfront synopsis 
Sometimes us silly girls fantasize about things that never come to be. I had expectations after college—expectations to run off with Jake Larson and start our life together in a little Pennsylvania farm town. I had my happiness mapped out inside my head. I didn’t expect to run into a strange, alluring man with a beard and dark hair stacked up on top of his head. I didn’t expect to be attracted to someone so—different. He was everything I didn’t know existed. He could make me feel things I’d never felt before. It didn’t seem possible that we could be together. We both had obligations. The world told us no, but we couldn’t stay away from one another, couldn’t deny that we were drawn together. He was so beautiful—so beautiful rugged. I was going to make him mine.   buynow  
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Oh My WOW! What rabbit hole did I fall down into? I won’t even tell you, I can’t. If I do, I will be shunned. No. I will be more upset with myself if I said anything about this book. Everyone needs to go into page 1 thru The End just like I did. What I am going to do, is just write. Yes I know I am already doing that. What I mean is that I am going to just jot down all my emotions with this one. So just indulge me for a few minutes, I promise you won’t be disappointed.
Here we go… I am a blogger. OK so for those of you who don’t follow me ( and I know there’s a WHOLE LOT of you) I need to disclose this fact so we all understand that I got to read Beautiful Rugged early, ya know, before the publishing date scheduled. And while I am at it, let me say that I had no other snippets, excerpts, teasers, other than what Sara VZ has promotionalized <- that’s a word now. In a nut shell I went into this story blind. No hidden gems were given to me. What sparked my interest is 1. It’s a Sara V. Zook book. To me that means some exceptional writing and great storytelling. 2. Let’s be honest, the cover. The Beard. As a society we are top of the head deep in the Beard Trend. We are consumed with The Beard everywhere, so yup I was intrigued.
And then I started reading.
And I kept reading.
Until I couldn’t read anymore.
Then I awoke, did some real life stuff then went back to reading…
And my mind was blown. I couldn’t believe what I was reading! I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that no one has done this type of plot before!

Beautiful Rugged is Bold. It’s fresh. It demands respect. This story will knock you on your butt with the brutal honesty of life and the choices you make, also the consequences of those choices. Sometimes the truth is hard. Life is hard. Sometimes the happiness you take for yourself will only bring heartache to those around you but you still are selfish enough to want happiness.

Sara has written about these choices in a setting that will blow your mind! She makes you question things about yourself while you are reading. She makes you think about what’s right and what’s wrong.

Beautiful Rugged takes ahold of you and puts you in a lifestyle that seems to never get a second thought. Or maybe it does, and maybe most never share those thoughts. There is a lot of judgement in this world and when you have a story to get lost in, even just for a few moments, that’s a powerful thing. When you have an Author who can write a story so brilliant in its simplest form that it makes their readers open their eyes to a realm of possibilities and choices, well that right there is beauty.  
And that’s what happened to me. I was giddy. I was mad! I was downright fuming! I was also able to understand. I was able to sympathize. I was able to love. I was tantalized and teased. I was simply,

Blown Away

while reading Beautiful Rugged. 

This is MY Experience.

I freaking loved this book! It’s so good!

If you want to read a story that will surprise the heck out of you and that’s filled with romance and longing, angst over choices that make you question what’s right and what wrong READ IT.  Let’s not forget The Beard, if you want to know why I keep saying The Beard, then read Beautiful Rugged NOW! I promise you, you will be completely surprised and you will love it too!

Sara V. Zook pursued her dream of becoming a writer and after earning her bachelor's degree, sat down to create her first novel in which Strange in Skin was completed in three short months. She's the author of the Strange in Skin Trilogy, Clipped, A Magic Within, Evanescent, Reminiscence, her mobster release, Six Guns, A Chaos Within, and her first contemporary romance, The Pull and its sequel The Push. She resides in Pennsylvania, where she was born and raised, with her husband and three small children.
 Twiiter: @SaraVZook 

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