December 29, 2015

♥✦✧♥Jocelyn's Top Ten 2015 ♥✦✧♥


Oh 2015, what a year! Can you believe it’s almost over?!?

So it’s time to take a look back on all the wonderful authors and books that found their special way into my reading heart. Just like last year it was very difficult to come up with just ten. After much internal struggle, a few panic attacks, and complete review of all my 2015 reviews (yes all of them) I finally narrowed down my list!

Below are my beloved Top Ten Authors of 2015.  Some are listed with single books and some are listed with their series or multiple books.  They aren’t in any particular order, so higher or lower on the list means absolutely nothing. Enjoy!
 The Beautiful Dead Trilogy
This series. I can’t even begin to describe the absolute obsession I have with this series. I read these books I would say around mid-year and I still think about the characters constantly. I have definitely fan-girl’ed, author stalked and babbled to the ever patient Daryl Banner on many occasions and I am so happy I came across this series!

What I've learned from Banner's writing is that every detail, every simple act, every action in his story-telling, in his writing serves a bigger purpose. Nothing is meaningless and in time it all comes full circle. Banner wrote a story about living, about life by telling it through the eyes of a character who had lost theirs but was given a chance for another of a different kind. It's by far one of the most brilliant stories I have had the joy of reading.
This story has so many feels, it’s creative, inventive, unique, thrilling, and emotional and will leave you in awe. Banner weaves a tale that is like nothing you have seen in the zombie/apocalyptic genre. This isn't a gore fest but a story that will grab hold of your heart and leave its mark on you forever just like it did for me.

 Letters Written In White
Sigh, words escape me to both describe this Author and this book. It was my last read for 2015 and it’s quite possibly because I am still having a book hangover from it, in the best way possible.

Every now and then a reader comes across a book that reaches deep down into their soul, opens their eyes, breaks their heart, and takes their breath away. This book is the epitome of that description.
Letters Written in White is a literary work of art. It’s an emotional masterpiece that weaves its way into your soul, rips open your heart and lets you bleed out every single emotion you have ever felt in your life. Perez’s character Riah will be like a reflection in the mirror. She will make you cry for her, hate her, empathize with her and love her. I cried through this entire book and though my heart ached reading Riah's story at the end my soul was touched beyond any thing I'd ever expected.

I can’ wait to see what Kathryn Perez has in store for 2016 as I already know I will be the first one itching to hit that one click button whenever she releases her next book.
 Addicted To Sin

Oh Monica, Monica, you sneaky she-devil. How dare you make me fall in love with such a bad boy like Dixon. Holy cow, I wanted to lick my kindle screen LOL. Addicted to Sin, was my guilty little pleasure. I thoroughly enjoyed falling hard for the irresistibly sexy and oh so addicting Dixon Matthews and trust me, you will too!

There is a lot that can be said about an author who can make you hate and love a character and Monica does just that. She is a master storyteller. Her characters are complex and ingenious. She sucks you in from page one; weaving tales that take you on an emotional rollercoaster and this book is no different. Monica will make you want to cry, cringe, laugh, drop your panties, and punch someone in the face perhaps all in one chapter.

The Contradiction of Solitude
This was the book that messed with my brain in 2015. My darkest read of the year. Walters took me on a mind-bending ride that made me question my own sanity.

The first time this book was brought to my attention was from my blogging friend when she showed me the trailer. I was instantly captivated. I knew as soon as this book came out I was going to devour it. What I didn't expect was too be consumed by it.

This book is beautifully sadistic, brilliantly twisted and illuminatingly dark. Walters creates a world shrouded in lies, mystery, death, hatred, insanity, acceptance and love in its basest of forms. Walters digs deep into the heart of the human psyche in this novel. What makes them tick, what experiences shape a person's soul and if we can ever truly runaway from our past or is it something that grips and grabs hold, anchoring us forever in our madness. It was Simply riveting

Oh my love Elena. She made my list last year and she keeps giving me these wonderfully naughty and enticing stories that I just eat up. Elena is raw, bold and writes quite an impressive male POV. However the book that won me over this year was Scars which was not only a female protagonist but more so one of her more misunderstood villainous characters from the Marked Series, Janice.

I love Janice!

Janice is a ticking time bomb. And in this novel we get an intimate view into her deranged way of life. But we get something else as well. We are introduced to a Janice that is vulnerable, fearful and lonely. A Janice that despite the fascinating train wreck that she is you can't help but feel a sliver of sympathy for. You can't help but want to fix her, help her, and put the pieces of her shattered heart back together. It is a great addition to the Marked series that both compliments and intensifies the story.

The Harder You Fall
Original Heartbreakers Series
Aye Chihuahua! Original Heartbreakers indeed. If you are familiar with Gena then you know she mostly writes paranormal fantasy. However this year she took a step back to some of her earlier roots and came out with a Contemporary Romance series and holy cow did she do the genre justice. I think I want to marry all the male protagonists in this series as well as the females, haha. I loved the world that Gena created with the town of Strawberry Valley. Yes the key design of the Contemp Romance is obviously laced throughout the story but Gena brings this element of comfort, hilarity and just all around feel good-ness (I’m sure that’s not a word) that you literally will have a smile plastered on your face the whole time you are reading these books. My favorite of the series, was The Harder You Fall with the leads West and Jessie Kay. I devoured their story and it had me laughing out loud at every page.  I hope Gena continues to give us a taste of her contemporary, it mixes things up for her loyal fans and gives us even more to look forward to.


Eight Grave After Dark
I have been reading Darynda Jones’ Charley Davidson Series for quite some time now, if you got the hint this is the eighth installment of this series and boy it packed quite a punch. Obviously I can’t spoil the deets since this is a very intense paranormal series but we learn a lot more about Charley’s origins, her powers, and her future in this novel. We get the same playful and comical banter, relationships and laughs that have come to be the signature of Darynda Jones but there is some major twists taking place in this book.

If you haven’t hopped on the Charley Davidson, Reyes ‘Sexy Son of the Devil’ Farrow bandwagon, you need to get with the program my friends as this is a series that will have you hooked and craving more. Reyes will rock your panties and Charley will leave you crying tears of laughter. If you don’t believe me, ask my coworkers, I got those ladies hooked for life, haha!

The Scarlet Deep
Elemental Word Series
I missed the Elemental World stories in my life. Hunter was keeping my impatience at bay with the novellas but I was SO happy to finally get a new full story to read! So if you are not familiar with the wonderful Ms. Hunter. The Elemental Series is an inventive take on the Vampire genre with a bit of Elemental magic involved, Earth, Fire, Air, Water.

This particular story is about Patrick Murphy a Water Vampire from Ireland and he is delicious! Now I fell in love with the refined Giovanni in the first Elemental series but Patrick Murphy is the perfect balance between dark, passionate, aggressive bad boy and calculating, charming, intelligent leader. He made my knees quiver in this story. I loved the relationship between him and his counterpart Anne. It was raw and real, not glitter and rainbows. They had ups and downs, damaging arguments and patient forgiveness. Hunter's writing is flawless. She will captivate and enthrall you with her characters, keeping you invested in their future and hoping for their victory whether in love or battle.

Before The Sky Fell
Icarus Series
Aria Michaels is a fairly new writer on the scene. I read the first book in this series, Killshot and was amazed by her storytelling skills. Killlshot was a paranormal/apocalyptic/virus infestation genre lover’s dream. When I saw she was writing a prequel I was so excited I couldn’t contain myself. Sometimes these explanatory reads can make or break a series. They can make you understand the characters on a deeper level or they can come up short leaving you more confused than before.

Before the Sky Fell is a prequel that not only improves the Icarus series but allows you to see the development of Aria's characters. In BTSF we get to meet Liv the main protagonist and her brother Lucas months before the timing of Killshot. We see the devastation that hits Liv's family and we see her bravery in trying to keep the little pieces of it that she still has left, together. We get to meet the bubbly, spunky and beautifully amazing friend that she finds in Riley. But we also see the start of what becomes so paramount in Killshot, we see Liv's spark. We see her fight, her courage, and her fortitude in being with her little brother. It’s the same tenacity that drives her character through Killshot and it's amazing to see the first embers of that flame rise in BTSF.

Aria Michaels' does a magnificent job in providing the reader with all the literary means necessary to make you root for her characters, to feel for them, hurt for them, fight beside them and survive with them.
The Icarus series is one of my top dystopian reads this year and I cannot wait to see what she will create in the books to come in this series
 Through His Heart 
Mind’s Eye Series
So if you haven’t caught on yet I am a bit of a paranormal lover and the Mind’s Eye series lines right up with that love. I came across Deborah Camp during a blog tour sign up and I have stayed with the series ever since.  The latest installment Through His Heart was by far my favorite.

This series revolves around two psychics Levi and Trudy, both with unique and very different psychic abilities that help them solve criminal cases. Circumstance bring them together and the outcome is a relationship filled with love, respect, admiration, danger, thrills and surprises.  There is something so passionate, fiery, consuming and fascinating about these two. I really enjoyed the development between Trudy and Levi in this latest installment they are the perfect pair and Camp does a magnificent job in expressing the balance, harmony, love and smoldering passion that these two provide each other. Trudy is Levi's heart and Levi is Trudy's rock.

I think Camp is a gem that has yet to be discovered in this genre and I hope she continues to develop this series and provide readers with fascinating and passionate characters in 2016.
More books by Deborah Camp 
Hope you enjoyed my Top Ten and perhaps even found some books that piqued your interest! Happy New Year’s Bookies!!




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